19 may, 13:32

Red Cross keeps a register of all Ukrainian servicemen leaving Azovstal

19 may, 11:35

Evacuation from Mariupol isn't over: Ukrainians call for returning 4-year-old girl's mother from russian captivity

17 may, 18:48

At least 7 buses with Ukrainian military left Azovstal under control of russians, mass media report

17 may, 15:48

Mariupol City Council releases video of evacuation of severely wounded fighters from Azovstal

17 may, 12:14

Deputy PM Vereshchuk on situation with 52 seriously wounded servicemen evacuated from Azovstal

17 may, 08:32

Ukraine needs heroes alive: Zelensky on rescue from Azovstal

16 may, 23:00

Buses with Ukrainian fighters left Azovstal, Reuters reports

16 may, 21:27

Mariupol defenders carried out order and allowed Ukrainian army to regroup, Azov regiment statement says

16 may, 14:19

russians falsify "witness testimonies" about Mariupol's destruction, mayor's adviser says

15 may, 17:27

Chances to rescue Ukrainian defenders from Azovstal are high: heroes' wives explained details

14 may, 11:38

Ukraine negotiating evacuation of 60 people from Azovstal

13 may, 19:51

russians interrogates children evacuated from Mariupol

13 may, 09:30

Occupiers trying to break into Azovstal under cover of shelling

12 may, 14:06

Briefing with relatives of Mariupol defenders who are at Azovstal plant

12 may, 12:21

russian troops block underground exits from Azovstal, but defenders counterattack, mayor's adviser says

12 may, 07:59

Marine Commander asked Elon Musk to help evacute from Azovstal plant in Mariupol

11 may, 21:32

Ukraine offers russia to exchange military from Azovstal for captured russians, Deputy PM reports

11 may, 14:58

russian troops trying to break through Azovstal on tanks: plant burning down after bombing

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