Kyiv region

5 apr, 16:30

looters in russia started selling items stolen in Kyiv region

4 apr, 15:36

Zelenskyy visited Bucha

4 apr, 14:52

Ukrainian intelligence has released a list of russian occupiers involved in the atrocities in Bucha

4 apr, 11:56

EU has accused russian authorities of atrocities in Kyiv region

4 apr, 10:22

340 bodies found in Bucha liberated from russian occupiers, but that's not all

3 apr, 10:50

Russians kill several women, try to burn their bodies near Kyiv

3 apr, 10:05

Village head and her relatives abducted by Russian invaders found dead in Kyiv Region

1 apr, 10:38

Russian occupiers completely left Brovary district in Kyiv region, Brovary mayor reports

1 apr, 08:23

Partial withdrawal of occupation troops from the north of Kyiv region continues, Ukraine's General Staff

31 mar, 13:08

A day of life in Brovary: the displaced, humanitarian aid, and sun through the broken roof

27 mar, 23:16

Zelenskyy to Russian media: Volnovakha, Mariupol and small towns near Kyiv no longer exist

18 mar, 16:56

Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated more than 30 settlements in Kyiv region - Zelenskyy

18 mar, 14:43

Slavutych City is in complete isolation: lack of medication and food

17 mar, 18:36

Russians fired on Novi Petrivtsi: a two-year-old child died

14 mar, 09:57

Today, 10 humanitarian corridors should work in Ukraine

9 mar, 20:54

During the day, Ukraine managed to evacuate 40,000 people: more than 3,000 from Irpin and Vorzel

9 mar, 20:24

Curfew imposed throughout Kyiv region

7 mar, 17:37

In Makariv, invaders launched an airstrike on the bakery plant: there are deceased

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