24 sep, 18:37

G7 will never recognize sham referenda in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine - statement

23 sep, 09:45

G7 condemns putin's pseudo-referendums plans and nuclear threats

8 sep, 10:59

Biden will hold video summit with allies to discuss further support for Ukraine — Bloomberg

2 sep, 16:30

G7 countries to implement price-cap on russian oil to limit revenues

10 aug, 14:31

G7 foreign ministers demand immediate control return of Zaporizhzhia NPP to Ukraine

27 jun, 11:37

PMs of Canada and Britain record a joint video address to Ukrainians

19 may, 21:46

G7 meeting agrees on $18.4 billion for Ukraine, mass media report

17 may, 17:36

The United States will propose G7 to impose tariffs on russian oil as a quick alternative to embargo

13 may, 16:50

Foreign Minister to G7: Ukraine needs MRLS and jets

13 may, 15:17

"It was a meeting of friends": Ukraine's Foreign Minister met with G7 ministers

8 may, 19:19

G7 will support Ukraine until its victory and recovery

11 apr, 14:45

Ukraine calls on the EU and G7 to raise taxes for companies that continue to operate in russia

6 apr, 18:03

US, G7, and EU impose new sanctions on putin's daughters and ban investment in Russia

24 mar, 19:29

Zelenskyy calls on G7 leaders to create a U24 security system

11 mar, 10:20

The G7 is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia

6 mar, 22:07

Kuleba calls on EU and G7 countries to impose new sanctions on Russia

4 mar, 09:43

G7 countries' representatives will hold a meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine

18 feb, 14:36

Next G7 leaders' video conference topic will be the situation around Ukraine

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