16 sep, 16:39

Ukraine to boost drone production by 140 times, leading to increase in strikes on Russian ships – Deputy PM Fedorov

29 aug, 09:51

Solutions to win: Ukraine tests out 25 new robotic devices for front line

18 aug, 12:56

Ukraine's "Army of Drones" initiative sends 270 locally made combat UAVs to soldiers

15 aug, 12:18

Ukrainians have donated over ₴100 million to combat drone fundraiser in one day

14 aug, 12:00

Solutions to win: Ukraine opens new fundraiser for 10,000 combat drones

11 jul, 15:03

Ukrainian combat control system Delta passes NATO testing, ready for integration

4 jul, 10:00

Ukraine's Army of Drones destroys 75 pieces of Russian equipment in one week – digital minister

27 jun, 16:56

Ukraine's drone production booms, with over 100 companies now active – Ministry of Digital Transformation

26 jun, 20:38

Solutions to win: Ukrainian manufacturers receive $3 mln in funding for UAV defense technology

19 jun, 17:23

Solutions to win: Ukraine to issue licenses for drone ammunition production to private companies

15 jun, 19:19

Solutions to win: Ukraine will train 10,000 more military drone pilots for expected counteroffensive

30 may, 16:36

Google offers 5,000 scholarships to Ukrainians for cyber security course

27 may, 14:22

Ukraine joins EU's Govtech4all project as first non-EU country

24 may, 10:42

Ethiopia and Zanzibar developing e-government apps built on Ukraine's Diia technology

9 may, 09:05

Solutions to win: new fleet of Ukrainian-made UAVs ready for battle

4 may, 22:10

Ukraine's digital ministry has trained 10,000 drone operators as part of "Army of Drones" initiative

28 mar, 20:32

Ukraine's armed forces have created three strike companies of UAVs

13 mar, 15:15

Wagner group trying to recruit mercenaries among residents of occupied Melitopol

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