2 jun, 09:05

Blackhole, PR stunt, or fight for the future? Why does Zelenskyi need a "super university" in Kyiv?

1 jun, 15:22

Shkarlet suggests that vaccination may become mandatory for teachers

31 may, 11:17

Ukrainian president signs decree establishing university of the future

Look at us!
15 may, 13:05

Young Science: what inventions do Ukrainian schoolchildren create?

13 may, 13:11

Rada has 35 "Dr habs" and 73 "PhDs" among people's deputies, Chesno says

7 may, 13:28

World Bank will provide Ukraine with a $200 million loan to modernize universities

5 apr, 15:30

Studying abroad during a pandemic: what EU educational opportunities are available to Ukrainians

30 mar, 17:49

How to drive change in education from below?

19 mar, 17:45

Instant results and expensive MBA: 5 myths about Ukrainian business education

21 feb, 09:10

When your native language is on the verge of extinction. How they save Crimean Tatar in Ukraine

What's Happening
3 feb, 11:08

From "Maidan poetess" to the most scandalous teacher of Ukraine: Bilchenko from Drahomanov University

21 jan, 17:26

NASU President promises support to young Ukrainian scientists

19 jan, 10:34

Coronavirus and remote learning in France: how French students rebel

12 jan, 17:45

Sex education in Ukraine. How to talk to your child about sex and when to expect it from schools

People of Action
12 jan, 10:15

Profession of doing wonders. How to become a real magician in Ukraine

25 dec, 10:20

Best Ukrainian startups: how to get a ticket to Silicon Valley?

Look at us!
21 dec, 16:06

A schoolgirl from Kyiv won gold at International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada

15 nov, 14:02

Children are agents of change. How separate waste collection works in schools of Mykolaiv

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