25 oct, 13:15

AI started creating nudes and deepfakes: what to do if you have become a victim

16 oct, 17:53

“We don't know who is on the other side of the screen”: how to identify Russian bots on social media

11 oct, 22:01

UNESCO trains 50,000 Ukrainian teachers on digital pedagogy

2 oct, 14:30

Community 4.0: Communities in the Sumy and Volyn regions are becoming more accessible to their residents, investors, and schoolchildren

28 sep, 13:19

The digitalization of communities: visit Haivoron online and find out what works in Lozuvatka

4 sep, 13:31

What is DREAM and how to work with it: an algorithm for communities and regions

24 jul, 16:46

Electronic residency for foreigners in Ukraine: everything you need to know

23 jun, 12:17

Ukraine's digital ministry collaborates with tech giant Cisco to foster educational initiatives

31 may, 20:17

UNESCO allocates $1,5 mln to support digitization of Ukrainian cultural heritage

27 may, 14:22

Ukraine joins EU's Govtech4all project as first non-EU country

3 apr, 11:30

Seven seconds from smartphone to air defense maps: how one app unites millions to shoot down Russian missiles

10 nov, 19:54

The national platform Nadiyno will help Ukrainians with digital security

7 sep, 17:40

"Ukraine has set pace and target": Estonia’s IT Minister on Ukraine’s digitalization and fight for freedom

1 sep, 10:46

UNDP Ukraine to help digitize forest industry

25 jul, 11:30

How is Canadian "firts-aid" digital security service helping Ukrainians during war?

24 jul, 19:28

Over 13,000 Starlink terminals operating in Ukraine

9 feb, 16:07

Digitization as it is: we reveal 7 Diia novelties

21 dec, 17:35

Top 10 digital solutions of 2021: from astrophysics to gamers

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