21 oct, 15:59

Ukraine refuses Chinese-aided ceasefire until Russian occupiers retreat – top defense official Danilov

16 oct, 17:49

Russia establishing new spy network in Ukraine – top defense official Danilov

26 sep, 14:18

Ukraine moves missile production out of the country to protect it from Russian attacks

2 sep, 09:32

Targets 1,500 km away in Russia are no problem now – Ukraine's top defense official

5 aug, 15:17

August a successful month for Ukrainian drones – top defense official

23 jul, 10:57

Russia attempts to isolate Ukraine's access to Black Sea with missile attack on Odesa – Ukraine's top defense official

1 jul, 09:47

Any Russian terrorist attack on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant will be treated as "use of nuclear weapons against civilians" – Ukraine's top defense official

25 jun, 13:46

"Countdown begins" senior Ukrainian security official on Wagner PMC coup attempt in Russia

3 jun, 09:58

Iranian drones contain spare parts from Ukraine's partner nations – National Security and Defense Council's secretary

24 may, 18:38

Ukraine's top security official denies Russian claim of Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi's injury

1 may, 18:56

15 reasons why Ukrainians want Russia to disappear

23 apr, 10:32

Ukraine needs more weapons, not calls to "sit at the negotiating table" – top defense official

2 apr, 09:52

Ukrainian security official outlines 12 steps for de-occupation of Crimea

29 mar, 17:13

Armed Forces deploying thousands of drones with flight range over 3,000 km – top official

26 mar, 11:18

Putting nuclear weapons in Belarus makes country a "hostage of russia" – senior Ukrainian security official

20 mar, 18:42

Claims that Ukraine has lost 100,000 soldiers "completely untrue" – top official

11 mar, 16:44

Ukraine's top defense official believes russia is running out of weapons stockpiles

11 feb, 22:15

NSDC Secretary: russians have big problems with ‘major offensive’

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