28 jul, 12:52

Radioactive substances were illegally exported from the Chornobyl NPP in 2015-2016

26 apr, 16:57

IAEA chief says Chornobyl "abnormal" radiation level after russian military

26 apr, 08:55

Today is 36th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster, which has been called the tragedy of the 20th century

31 mar, 10:17

Pentagon: Russia is withdrawing its troops from Chornobyl nuclear power plant

27 mar, 17:33

In the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant due to hostilities burning more than 10 thousand hectares of forests

23 mar, 12:54

It'll take years to establish the damage caused by Russians after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chornobyl nuclear power plant - Zelenskyy

23 mar, 08:02

In Chornobyl, occupiers looted the up-to-date laboratory, which cost 6 million euros

22 mar, 09:38

Fires are raging in Chornobyl zone: 7 outbreaks recorded

14 mar, 13:22

Occupiers again damaged the line to Chornobyl nuclear power plant, repaired yesterday

11 mar, 13:42

Putin orders to prepare a terrorist attack on Chornobyl nuclear power plant - Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Defense Intelligence

10 mar, 12:42

Chornobyl nuclear power plant without electricity: what is the danger

10 mar, 11:29

NPP security in Ukraine: IAEA chief flies to Turkey

10 mar, 10:17

Ukrenergo is ready to repair Chornobyl energy supply: they need a green corridor

10 mar, 07:43

IAEA doesn't have access to ZNPP monitoring systems

9 mar, 20:40

Energoatom reports how long the Chornobyl nuclear power plant will last without electricity

9 mar, 14:52

Possible radiation leak: Kuleba appeals to international community over Chernobyl blackout

9 mar, 13:02

Energoatom explains the threat of Chornobyl de-energization

9 mar, 09:46

IAEA has lost contact with Chornobyl monitoring systems

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