3 dec, 08:55

Inclusiveness trend: is it profitable for business to be inclusive?

30 nov, 17:05

It's for your heart: why socially responsible business needs corporate volunteering

24 nov, 10:55

From snails to frogs: how Ukrainians export French delicacies to Europe

19 nov, 13:15

"The key development tool is an investment," Tkachenko calls to build creative entrepreneurship

19 nov, 11:02

UAH 1 billion in support for small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine: results of German-Ukrainian cooperation

What's Happening
17 nov, 09:05

Weekend quarantine. How Ukrainian entrepreneurs survived the first weekend

16 nov, 11:36

Automation project's success starts with diagnostics

14 nov, 09:55

"My business was stolen from me." Story of a co-founder of the first zero-waste company in Ukraine

23 oct, 15:08

Terrifying Chinese Privet: Kyiv restaurant decorated with garbage

19 oct, 11:15

Coming to IT: analyzing how to choose the specialty

16 oct, 13:10

Tax season for sole proprietors: how much to pay, how to calculate it, and if applications can help

15 oct, 13:25

Hollywood technologies in a smartphone: how Ukrainians created a viral application, overtaking TikTok and Netflix

4 sep, 09:30

Disability is not an obstacle. In Vinnytsia, blind knitters make eco-bags

18 aug, 15:45

Bribe-free mining business is a reality. Head of State Service of Geology and Subsoil on reforms and new rules of the game

In Short
27 jul, 20:24

“Ukraine’s biggest problem is trust and predictability.” Key points of Ilya Ponomarev’s interview

30 may, 16:48

Instead of plastic. In Ukraine, they make straws for drinks from rye and reed stalks

5 may, 16:52

Business during a storm. How the near-house stores "KOLO" expand even during the crisis

29 apr, 19:40

Butkevych's companies donated over 26 thousand food packages to socially disadvantaged people in Zhytomyr region

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