11 sep, 14:38

EU denounces sham elections in Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia

1 sep, 10:31

EU fails to approve €500 mln from fund helping Ukraine with ammunition – Borrell

27 aug, 09:29

"The sanctions against Russia are working" – Borrell

22 aug, 09:45

EU will contribute to costs of member states sending F-16 jets to Ukraine – Borrell

20 jul, 20:44

EU proposes creating €20 bln Peace Fund for military aid to Ukraine

29 jun, 15:41

EU's top diplomat offers to create Ukraine Defense Fund

26 jun, 10:10

EU will consider new €3.5 bln military aid package to Ukraine – Borrell

4 jun, 12:14

Ukraine's defense minister meets with EU top diplomat Borrell on sidelines of Singapore security forum

23 may, 20:51

EU gives Ukraine 220,000 projectiles and 1,300 missiles – Borrell

22 may, 12:18

Ukrainian pilots have started training on F16 jets – Borrell

12 may, 14:08

EU preparing a multi-year plan to support Ukraine – Borrell

26 mar, 20:41

russian nuclear weapons in belarus threaten European security – Borrell

25 mar, 16:50

Xi Jinping's visit to russia reduced risk of nuclear war – Borrell

8 mar, 17:31

EU will train 11,000 Ukrainian troops by the end of March – Borrell

27 feb, 09:45

China's peace plan blurs roles of aggressor and victim – Borrell

21 feb, 18:23

Borrell calls on EU members' armies to provide Ukraine with ammunition as soon as possible

19 feb, 12:58

Ukraine needs less applause and more arms – EU High Representative

10 feb, 21:07

Bombing civilian targets amounts to war crime - Borrell

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