9 aug, 08:19

Blinken: Allowing russia to bully Ukraine means "open season" worldwide

30 jul, 08:57

Kuleba, Blinken discuss further strengthening Ukraine

28 jul, 08:27

Blinken: russian-installed leaders to hold fake referenda to annex part of Ukraine

10 jul, 18:09

Blinken says russia's war against Ukraine may be one of contributing factors to Sri Lanka crisis

1 jun, 19:16

Blinken: the U.S. will send a new $700 billion security package to Ukraine, including MRLS

20 may, 09:52

US Secretary of State accuses russia of using food as a weapon

25 apr, 10:07

Zelenskyy officially reported the visit of Blinken and Austin to Kyiv

18 feb, 10:46

US Secretary of State and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office: Dialogue with Russia should be conducted in three directions

15 feb, 09:24

Blinken: the United States will provide Ukraine with up to $1 billion in credit guarantees

21 jan, 13:48

Even one Russian military crossing Ukraine's border will be considered incursion - Blinken

19 jan, 19:27

Zelenskyy, Blinken hold talks in Kyiv

What's Happening
19 jan, 16:05

Why Blinken came and what's the likelihood of a full-scale war: what Ukrainians should prepare for

19 jan, 09:10

Blinken arrives in Kyiv

2 sep, 17:09

U.S. to provide $45M in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine - statement

2 sep, 11:40

Ukraine and the United States to adopt a new charter on strategic partnership

What's Happening
7 may, 10:45

Poroshenko's show-off, Yermak's intrigue, and quiet Nuland. How was Blinken's visit, and what will happen next

7 may, 09:27

US Secretary of State Blinken calls the visit to Ukraine productive

6 may, 13:52

Zelenskyi announces the signing of an important document with the U.S.

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