29 may, 18:32

Kyiv Zoo launches advertising campaign in support of animals sheltered since the beginning of full-scale war

16 may, 17:59

Megogo and UAnimals team up to support animal rescue centers with "Movies from the Future" ticket sales

15 may, 10:10

Ukrainian surgeons fit bio-integrated prosthesis on dog wounded by Russian shelling

12 may, 13:49

House of tails: a Kyiv shelter helps animals with disabilities

2 may, 14:53

How a unique Ukrainian shelter provides animals a first-class home

What's going on
1 may, 16:15

Without electricity and in debt: how to help the Kyiv equestrian club on the brink of closure and save horses

12 apr, 13:51

Life of Askania-Nova natural reserve under Russian occupation and hopes about the future liberation: Interview with director Viktor Shapoval

11 apr, 13:05

Animal rights activists release fallow and red deer to rewild Ukraine's Danube Delta

11 apr, 12:24

Russian forces using nature reserves in occupied Ukrainian land as hunting grounds

8 apr, 14:04

Solutions to Ukraine: Czech dogs to help alert Ukrainians of radioactive danger

26 mar, 09:54

russia plans to steal animals from occupied Askania-Nova nature reserve in Kherson region

18 mar, 13:58

Eco-solutions: funds for plastic waste directed to help homeless animals in Cherkasy

15 mar, 16:21

A new home for rescued animals: the story of the Kharkiv shelter

13 mar, 10:41

Ukrainian farmers overcoming war challenges

12 mar, 18:00

Solutions from Ukraine: Save Pets of Ukraine initiative published charity book about rescuing animals from war

3 mar, 13:22

Protect wildlife in Ukraine: simple solutions for those who care

15 feb, 15:32

Animal-assisted therapy and military rehabilitation: How man's best friend can heal the scars of war

14 feb, 11:06

Ten stories of humanity: how Ukrainians support each other

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