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18 jul, 14:59

Cat survives 11 days under rubble after Russian rocket attack on apartment building in Lviv

18 jul, 11:10

Ukrainian polar explorers successfully collect skin and fat samples of killer whales for crucial genetic study

17 jul, 18:19

Donations from Rubryka subscribers help support rescued foal at Ukrainian farm turned animal evacuation center

26 jun, 18:42

"I would like people to see the prospects in the Ukrainian village": Dnipro Green Grove farm helps animals and people find peace in times of trouble

25 jun, 10:54

Sean Penn to play in the Ukrainian film anthology "War Through the Eyes of Animals" directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi

18 jun, 10:11

Cost of impact on wildlife resulting from Kakhovka disaster estimated at $24 mln

16 jun, 16:44

Ukraine's education ministry and UAnimals partner up to teach children love and respect for animals

14 jun, 12:03

Nature park in Odesa region rescues 55 red-listed newts washed away by flood caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

14 jun, 10:06

Beehive of love and kindness: Kyiv Patron Pet Center helps rescued animals from the Kherson region

13 jun, 16:23

Meest launches free feed delivery for rescued animals in Kherson region

11 jun, 13:59

"Russia drowned us": animal rights activists in Germany protest ecocide in Ukraine

9 jun, 11:58

Kakhovka dam destruction: 160,000 birds and over 20,000 wild animals are at risk of death

8 jun, 09:00

Seals and dolphins in captivity: is it possible to return animals from dolphinariums to the sea in Ukraine?

7 jun, 16:47

Rare species of desert rodents could become extinct because of Kakhovka dam destruction – ecologist

7 jun, 11:29

Ukraine's southern regions ban fishing as mass fish deaths occur caused by Kakhovka dam destruction

6 jun, 16:20

Kyiv launches search service for temporary animal shelters

5 jun, 15:03

Revival after destruction: how Feldman EcoPark was saved and animals are already returning home

29 may, 18:32

Kyiv Zoo launches advertising campaign in support of animals sheltered since the beginning of full-scale war

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