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6 jun, 16:30

Solutions from Ukraine: new initiative offers free online English language courses for veterans

3 may, 14:20

Goncharenko Center launches special course to provide free English training for State Emergency Service rescuers

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22 apr, 12:59

Teaching English in Ukraine: How language schools and tutors cope with high demand

13 dec, 16:30

British volunteers donate 25,000 books to Ukrainian libraries

21 nov, 10:56

Rubryka launches English-language Instagram: Who is this solution for?

8 nov, 16:22

Ukraine's digital ministry prepares financial assistance for citizens aiming to study English on Future Perfect program

6 nov, 13:30

Cambridge University offers online English learning to Ukrainians

16 oct, 11:09

Ukrainian human rights group launches English-language website to document Russian war crimes in Mariupol

11 oct, 21:23

Ukrainian Defense Ministry plans to teach all troops English proficiency by 2026

5 oct, 17:45

Ukrainian volunteers launch three-month English courses for soldiers

25 aug, 16:27

Ukrainian Institute introduces English-language platform dedicated to Ukrainian culture

1 jul, 14:35

Solutions from Ukraine: government to fund English language courses for Ukrainians

28 jun, 14:51

Zelensky introduces bill making English co-official language, to support EU integration

17 jun, 18:52

Ukraine drafts law to make English official language of international communication

27 mar, 13:26

Ukraine launches free English language course with native speakers for veterans

16 mar, 14:26

Join the discussion on Solutions Journalism and the russia-Ukraine war

8 sep, 14:42

English for Ukrainian army, or how military base got itself teacher, flower garden, and language classes

12 aug, 14:39

Ukrainian government developing law on English language's status in Ukraine

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