1 mar, 09:38

Ukraine presents an all-terrain vehicle in Turkey that has no analogs in the world

26 feb, 11:54

Trend 2021–civic tech. What you need to know about public technology

18 feb, 16:17

Radio for millennials. Complete instructions for Clubhouse from inside

18 feb, 13:54

Young talents: Ukrainian delegation of MASU schoolchildren wins international awards in scientific competitions

15 feb, 09:18

I want to get to IT: a guide for beginners. Which side is it better to choose when entering programming?

12 feb, 14:52

Ukraine plans to launch its own satellite in cooperation with SpaceX - Deputy Prime Minister

30 jan, 08:53

Ukrainian Wikipedia's birthday: we learned 2020 records that will surprise you

25 jan, 14:15

Vacancy in an IT company: 5 tips on how to find the right candidate

What's Happening
25 jan, 09:10

How Geek Journal won the battle with 1+1 Media. What Ukrainian YouTubers need to know

14 jan, 10:30

Is Big Brother watching us? How and to whom your PC informs about you

13 jan, 16:32

Government approves concept of Ukraine's 5-year space program: what it involves

31 dec, 08:50

10 digital solutions of 2020: how the year of online passed in Ukraine

29 dec, 17:55

When will Ukrainian paper from fallen leaves conquer the world? Technology secrets

25 dec, 10:20

Best Ukrainian startups: how to get a ticket to Silicon Valley?

17 dec, 10:55

From farm to table. How technology works to feed the world and end food waste

15 dec, 12:35

Apple's infinity war: what should we expect in finale?

14 dec, 18:15

Mushroom foam: how Kherson researchers discovered a new material

6 dec, 23:18

Ukraine to receive UAH 128 million for digitalization of services provided by Digital Transformation Ministry

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