3 dec, 16:21

Ukraine to establish updated shelter standards for educational institutions

3 dec, 15:51

Ukraine and Poland to unblock another checkpoint to resume truck traffic

3 dec, 14:53

Ukrainian Air Force alarmed by Russia's intense use of guided bombs – spokesman

3 dec, 12:58

Ukraine's defense ministry implements NATO standards for air and space operations in armed forces

3 dec, 12:32

US delivers two more autotransformers to Ukraine

3 dec, 11:50

Ukrainian schools to hold volunteering class to encourage students help the military

3 dec, 10:22

About 2,500 trucks awaiting to cross Ukraine-Poland border in month-long blockade

3 dec, 09:48

Putin is wrong to think he can outlast the Ukrainians – Pentagon chief

3 dec, 09:10

ISW: Winter conditions slow combat efforts of both sides on Ukraine's frontline

2 dec, 20:47

United to win: Ukrainian military psychologists successfully complete training in Britain

2 dec, 19:29

United to win: Lithuania introduces revised “Demining Coalition” plan to assist Ukraine in landmine removal efforts

2 dec, 18:31

United to win: Germany enhances military support to Ukraine with vehicles, shells, and anti-drone systems

2 dec, 17:41

Russia attempts to quell unrest among wives of military mobilized for war against Ukraine – British intelligence

2 dec, 16:27

UAnimals organizes international performance to raise awareness of Russia's ecocide in Ukraine

2 dec, 16:22

United to win: Germany trains second group of Ukrainian military on Patriot air defense system

2 dec, 15:52

Timothy Snyder's fundraiser and charity chevron from polar explorers: five leading solutions of the week

2 dec, 14:38

Ukraine's intelligence explains whether avoiding war with Russia was possible

2 dec, 13:29

United to win: Switzerland provides funds for six medical simulation centers

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