She’s Got It

14 nov, 09:55

"My business was stolen from me." Story of a co-founder of the first zero-waste company in Ukraine

She's Got It
14 nov, 09:05

10 life rules of the most famous storyteller in the world, Astrid Lindgren

11 nov, 13:05

Scientific scandal. Sociologist with misogynistic statements defended his doctorate

She's Got It
4 nov, 09:15

Two years without Katia. When will Handziuk's murder contractors be punished?

She's Got It
30 oct, 11:00

Social apartment: how women and children in Kyiv are helped to escape violence

What's Happening
20 oct, 16:25

Strength of women's political protests: where is Belarus going

17 oct, 14:15

"EcoChubaka:" how two girls in Uzhgorod organized waste sorting on bicycles

12 oct, 11:40

More women in politics: why Ukraine has gender quotas

She's Got It
5 oct, 09:50

How to punish for domestic violence. Ukrainian woman evicted her ex-husband from the apartment through the European Court

4 sep, 09:30

Disability is not an obstacle. In Vinnytsia, blind knitters make eco-bags

She's Got It
1 sep, 11:58

Unusual needlework: how a Ukrainian woman knits and full things from her dogs' hair

Look at us!
9 aug, 13:22

"No scissors have ever touched my hair": Ukrainian Rapunzel, a record holder, revealed the 2-meter braid secrets

Alpinism Day
8 aug, 10:05

From heaps to Everest. Life rules of the first Ukrainian woman who conquered 7 highest mountains

She's Got It
17 jul, 11:35

“Had to build up a rolling shelter:” How IDP from Donetsk gave home to a hundred of animals

She's Got It
10 jul, 13:15

Plasticine therapy: how a psychologist in Mariupol treats with sculpting

5 jun, 14:30

Surrogacy in Ukraine and the law: whose rights are being violated and what we need to change

28 may, 16:10

The magic of entrance transformation: how a Kherson artist decorates bedroom districts

27 may, 13:40

"It's not common to talk about it": how to break the cycle of domestic violence

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