Column 11:36 16 Nov 2020

Automation project's success starts with diagnostics

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Implementing any changes in a working company, especially if it has been on the market for over one year, requires a special approach. It's also true for the automation of certain processes. But practice shows that not all managers understand where to start and how to avoid mistakes that can lead to project failure. Let's put things in perspective.

Where to begin?

готовим все для старта

Often, you're facing something like this coming to a customer: a working business needs to automate certain areas of work. The head of this company explains their situation. Then he/she mentions that they described the changes themselves, and during and after implementing the solution revealed the need for revision. At the time of the meeting, we're having only an approximate list of "wishes" for improving the program. And, often, the following questions accompany such stories:

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