Column 14:10 21 Nov 2020

How I asked about the presidential "poll"

As soon as President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi came up with the idea to hold a "public opinion poll" on October 25, this initiative overgrew with many misunderstandings and rumors. Meanwhile, the authorities' comments contradicted each other and didn't allow us to understand the full depth of the president's plan.

Therefore, I decided to find out this personally from the head of state and guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine. On October 16, I sent him a request for information. I asked to answer:

  1. Which by-law or subordinate legislation of Ukraine defines the procedure for such a society poll? If the President of Ukraine has adopted the relevant legal act, please provide a copy of the latter.
  2. Which authorities, other state bodies, and structures will be involved in conducting this public survey? How many people are planned to be involved?
  3. How much money will be allocated for organizing and conducting the public survey on October 25? What are the funding sources: the state budget, international donors' funds, personal savings of certain individuals, money from charitable foundations, etc.? Please indicate the costs.

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