Yuriy Izhenko

12 jul, 21:10

Gone, but still there: What does Boris Johnson's resignation mean for Ukraine?

22 jun, 15:23

Ukraine is a candidate for EU membership. What will it change, and when will it join?

28 apr, 13:25

What you should know about the future US ambassador to Ukraine

What’s Going On
5 apr, 14:13

A significant retreat: why did russian troops actually leave Kyiv and beyond?

1 apr, 15:35

Guarantors instead of NATO: Who can protect Ukraine from the Kremlin?

17 mar, 12:28

5 things not to write about during the war

8 mar, 18:35

No-fly zone: what it is and whether Ukraine has a chance to get it

What's Happening
4 jan, 11:00

Bosnian crisis and what it teaches Ukraine: will there be a new war in the Balkans?

What's Happening
16 nov, 14:15

Border blackmail: how Lukashenko turned illegal migration into a weapon in a "hybrid war"

What's Happening
8 nov, 12:31

PRC v. Chinese Republic: why Taiwan has become a flashpoint (yet again in 70 years)

4 oct, 08:01

56-billion scandal: how a defense contract conflicted the Americans and French

What's Happening
17 sep, 17:30

Life without Merkel: how Germany is preparing to elect a parliament

What's Happening
20 aug, 19:29

Nord Stream 2: why Ukraine has a right to be disappointed but still has a chance

What's Happening
30 jul, 20:00

Cold War 2.0: how the US confronts China (and what Ukraine has to do with it)

What's Happening
12 jul, 08:55

Sanctions and gasoline: how Ukraine punishes Lukashenko regime and trades with it

What's Happening
7 jun, 18:38

Nord Stream of Betrayal: how the US can allow Russian-German pipeline completion

What's Happening
14 may, 19:35

Arctic missiles: how Russia is turning the world's north into a military base

15 apr, 10:33

Biden agrees Putin is a killer: what's next

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