Богдан Петришин

22 sep, 18:07

"Ukraine is hungry for investment like never": State Property Fund guarantees transparent and open privatizing process on equal terms

21 sep, 20:27

Scientists from the Western region of Ukraine supported Anatolii Zahorodnii in the election of the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

21 sep, 18:02

Alyona alyona is nominated for the 2021 Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

29 jul, 14:39

International experts estimate uranium reserves in Ukraine: NESU is exploring its deposits under the JORC code

In Short
27 jul, 20:24

“Ukraine’s biggest problem is trust and predictability.” Key points of Ilya Ponomarev’s interview

6 may, 16:56

ATB co-owner Butkevych helped Heart Institute

29 apr, 19:40

Butkevych's companies donated over 26 thousand food packages to socially disadvantaged people in Zhytomyr region

17 apr, 13:12

Perzhanska Ore Company donated over 2 thousand food packages to Zhytomyr region residents

16 apr, 15:35

Butkevych's company purchased over 25,000 protective suits from a local garment factory for Zhytomyr region doctors

26 mar, 10:55

Help to hospitals: Butkevych's company brought 1,5 million hryvnias of multipurpose beds to the Zhytomyr region

5 feb, 08:35

BGV Group believes that industrial development will bring Ukrainians back from abroad and create jobs

2 feb, 11:50

In Davos, Ukrainian company BGV Group announced three activity directions.

12 sep, 12:04

Unique Bohdan Kravchuk: how a guy with Down syndrome received a higher education

21 mar, 20:04

Ukrainian entrepreneur Butkevych creates a joint company with American giant Holtec International to develop mineral resources

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