Natalia Kulidi

23 oct, 15:48

Shevchenko's favorite cottage cheese pancakes and bear-shaped pizza: how 11-year-old Microchef fundraises for Ukraine and conquers the culinary world

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19 oct, 13:27

"Wars start with communications, but they also end with them": a Ukrainian communications specialist helps domestic NGOs speak to the world from abroad

25 sep, 18:15

Dnipro driving school for people with disabilities: the opportunity to drive gives an incentive in life

Special project
22 sep, 15:39

Vyacheslav Debelyi: "I hope to return to the army"

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30 aug, 18:56

“This generation is completely different”: How Ukrainian woman abroad helps youth land first job

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2 aug, 14:28

"My children were left with nothing, not even a home": the challenges of motherhood during the war

28 jun, 16:27

Men of steel: how fighters get accustomed to prosthetics through Nordic walking and football

26 jun, 18:42

"I would like people to see the prospects in the Ukrainian village": Dnipro Green Grove farm helps animals and people find peace in times of trouble

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14 jun, 09:02

"If I'm going to destroy myself now, did my husband die for nothing?" The "Darling, I Live" project helps women who have lost loved ones

30 may, 12:17

"We must not give up:" Dnipro School of Superheroes teaches young patients

15 may, 12:15

"It's cooler than growing organic produce in the garden": farming in a former bomb shelter in Dnipro

13 apr, 13:42

"Usual algorithms stopped working:" Dnipro rehabilitation center restores war-wounded bodies

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23 mar, 16:46

"Another winter will come very quickly": how artisans of "Zigrii" project dress Ukrainian soldiers

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16 feb, 14:52

"It is unbearably difficult to do alone what used to be done together": stories of businesswomen whose loved ones died at the front

14 feb, 10:22

For better and for worse: stories of couples who went to war together

7 feb, 15:43

Dnipro Center for people with disabilities and elderly people evacuated from the war zone: solutions that save lives

29 jan, 10:35

Battle of Kruty 105th anniversary: how students stand up for Ukraine's independence here and now

12 jan, 10:25

"The enemy can no longer think of anything we did not foresee": how Ukrainians are preparing for chemical attacks

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