Ksenia Omelchenko

27 may, 09:40

Zakarpattia, with National Space Center's participation, creates a map of polluted rivers

27 may, 08:58

109 citizens evacuated from Gaza Strip to Ukraine

26 may, 12:28

Ukraine bans electricity import from Belarus and Russia

26 may, 10:40

Ukraine receives the first batch of Pfizer vaccine purchased at state expense

26 may, 09:34

Lviv wants to open a mass vaccination center at stadium

25 may, 17:12

Shevchenko National University wants to deprive Lukashenko of the honorary doctor title

25 may, 14:45

People's Deputy will be tried for button-pressing for the first time in Ukraine

25 may, 11:57

Herashchenko names Ukraine's safest region

25 may, 10:37

Foreign Ministry comments on Russia's intention to sentence Mejilis chairperson to 9 years in prison

25 may, 09:59

Ukraine suspends flights to Belarus on May 26

24 may, 15:31

Ukraine plans to launch "vaccination passports" on July 1

24 may, 14:16

Land reform in Ukraine is successful, but steps remain to consolidate it - Kvien

24 may, 12:25

President's Office calls Ryanair landing a display of international terrorism

24 may, 09:53

People's Deputy Shevchenko, who supports Lukashenko, expelled from "Servant of the People" party

21 may, 11:58

Rada to appeal to US Congress to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2

21 may, 11:37

1st time in history: Sweden agrees to provide Ukraine with original Pylyp Orlyk Constitution

20 may, 15:44

Conflict in the east is easier to freeze - Zelenskyi

20 may, 13:40

Parliament appoints Liubchenko as First Vice PM, Economy Minister

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