Inha Pavlii

Special project
7 oct, 09:05

Vadym Saulkin: "The doctor said: 'If you go rollerblading, be sure to send the video'"

Special project
6 oct, 12:07

Oleksandr Gorokhivskyi: learn to use a new leg and return to work and travels

Special project
1 oct, 10:42

Taras Vynarchuk: the stupidest joke and a chance to make a dream come true

Special project
12 jun, 10:35

BGV Charitable Foundation helps Kherson volunteer get the new limb

10 may, 15:53

Deported Future: how Ukraine returns children forcibly deported to the Russian Federation

Special project
9 may, 13:17

Returning what was taken away by war: BGV Foundation, together with Estonia, helps Ukrainians with prosthetics

4 apr, 15:24

Ukrainian initiative returns beauty to war survivors

27 mar, 13:14

Business during the war: three stories that inspire

14 mar, 11:57

Stories of Ukrainian volunteer service members fighting to restore Ukraine's territorial integrity

8 mar, 10:34

Defend, treat and rescue: stories of women bringing Ukraine's victory closer

2 mar, 15:16

Frozen future: why the military should preserve their genetic material

26 jan, 15:06

Army regulation or betrayal: what newly adopted law on military personnel responsibility entails

She's got it
24 jan, 11:49

Breaking Cycle of Violence: how women's shelters work in wartime

19 jan, 11:03

Created during war: five apps Ukrainians should install

She's Got It
13 jan, 13:06

"Donetsk Women's Council": how public organization from Mariupol helps IDP women

6 jan, 14:16

Learn yourself and teach others: how first female drone pilot school works

28 dec, 13:26

"Striped Raccoons": how veteran-founded adventure children's camp works during war

20 dec, 16:09

Saving people and culture of destroyed cities: how Donetsk volunteers develop Shtuka project

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