Ольга Проскурова

4 apr, 20:26

Almost 80% of refugees plan to return to Ukraine after the war

4 apr, 19:20

Germany sends 40 russian diplomats, DW reports

4 apr, 19:05

Not only gas: Germany calls for severing all economic ties with russia because of its "criminal war" in Ukraine

4 apr, 18:52

Biden called putin a barbarian and called for a trial on Russia's war crimes in Ukraine

4 apr, 18:29

Cluster shells hit a bus stop in Mykolaiv: there are dead

4 apr, 18:03

Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed russians from Zhytomyr region

4 apr, 17:27

Zelenskyy reacted to Merkel's statement about Ukraine's refusal to join NATO

4 apr, 17:07

russian troops are preparing to capture Kharkiv and surround Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas, Ministry of Defense reports

4 apr, 16:24

Zelenskyy: It will be recognized by the world as genocide. We know about thousands of tortured people

3 apr, 23:02

Explosion heard in Ternopil city - mayor

3 apr, 20:06

Human Rights Watch: Russia commited apparent war crimes

2 apr, 21:12

Kyiv region liberated from Russian invaders - Defense Ministry

2 apr, 20:52

G7 to coordinate efforts to support Ukraine's economic reconstruction

2 apr, 18:54

First in the EU: Lithuania ceased gas import from russia

1 apr, 22:04

"This is the work of locals who are beginning to understand something": Security Council Chair Danilov says Ukraine is not involved in the explosions in Belgorod

1 apr, 21:50

"Officially and quickly": President of European Parliament promised Ukraine recognition as a candidate for EU membership

1 apr, 21:05

At least $10 billion will be needed to rebuild Mariupol

1 apr, 19:03

Official: Bucha liberated from Russian occupiers

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