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Where to go on Valentine's Day? 10 romantic destinations in Ukraine

Rubryka shares ideas for romantic trips to Ukrainian cities. And not by Lviv alone! Poltava and Kharkiv won't disappoint either.

What is the problem?

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to please a loved one and surprise them with a romantic gift. Everyone has their ideas about romance, but many will share the view that romance is associated with travel. In addition, a trip with a loved one on a holiday weekend can divert attention from everyday life and worries, give new emotions and impressions. And no, you don't have to go to Paris or Venice for a romantic trip.

What is the solution?

Picturesque nature, medieval castles, antique streets, sunsets by the sea aren't necessary abroad. Fortunately, all this is in Ukraine as well. There are many options for a brief trip within Ukraine on Valentine's Day, but there are places that are just created for romantic walks.

Rubryka collected for you the top 10 romantic destinations in Ukraine, where you can escape for the weekend and Valentine's Day.


  • What to bring: faith in magic and an instant print camera.


Chernivtsi is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, which is often called Ukrainian Vienna for its romantic atmosphere and unique color (although we believe that Chernivtsi doesn't need comparisons; it is a lovely city without them). Here you can admire the ancient architecture, visit the Ukrainian Hogwarts (former Residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovyna and Dalmatia, and now Chernivtsi National University), and feel like magicians (and take many beautiful photos!).

Chernivtsi also has its romantic legends. Yes, be sure to visit the Turkish well, which is connected to the legend of the Turkish Pasha and the Ukrainian girl. And the House-ship, built by a former sailor and his brother in anguish over the sea (love of the sea is also a great love).

And when you're in Central Park, find a sculptural composition Heart of Love. It consists of two halves and a swing between them, and the top resembles two wedding rings intertwined.


  • What to bring: binoculars to see the scenery, and favorite novels about the Middle Ages to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


Kamianets-Podilskyi is a small ancient town with a rocky canyon, a fortress, and a large number of buildings of the 11th-19th centuries. Lovers often visit Kamianets-Podilskyi to walk the narrow streets and enjoy the views of the Smotrych Canyon.

Stop at the bridge with locks, symbols of strength of feelings, go up to the observation deck to see the sunset, walk through the Swan Lake Park, located on the edge of the canyon of the Smotrych river; this place offers an unsurpassed panorama of the Old Town.

And if you want to confess your love, there is no better place than the Old Castle. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of measured medieval life: go back to the days when knights, for the sake of the lady's affection, dared to desperate actions. In the Old Castle, it is easy to be knights and princesses for each other. Plus gender equality. Minus the problem of the Middle Ages. We think this is a great formula for a date.


  • What to bring: add French songs to the playlist. Don't forget comfortable shoes for long walks and romantic soundtracks.


If you think that Kharkiv is a purely industrial city, you're wrong. It is worth visiting it on Valentine's Day at least to express your feelings at the Eiffel Tower. Yes, a reduced 35-meter copy of the French monument is in Kharkiv. (Good news for those, afraid of heights: you will like this Eiffel Tower even more than the Paris Tower). It appeared at the intersection of Akademika Pavlova Street and Saltivske Highway in 2012 and became part of the French Boulevard in the center of Kharkiv. Stairs lead to the second tier of the tower; from there you can see a magnificent view of the surroundings. And in the evening the tower is illuminated by dozens of light bulbs and LEDs.

Another romantic attraction of Kharkiv is the Monument to Lovers, quite a weightless and light monument of 2 thin figures merging in a kiss. In summer it functions as a fountain. But at any time of the year, this place is very popular with Kharkiv youth, and here they often start their walks and meetings.


Kharkiv also has the Old Town. Moskalivka and Poltava Way are very close to the center but will give a sense of provincialism, and carry you over from the modern metropolis to the beginning of the 20th century. On these streets, you will see many old houses, colorful columns, porches, and facades; here you should definitely wander in the pursuit of authentic photographs.


  • What to bring: a paper boat to launch it off the bridge, and a pillow for the bed (don't be afraid, we'll explain!)


In Zaporizhzhia, there are several popular places among couples in love. Most of them are connected with water, and the Bridge of Lovers, which is overturned across the lake in Voznesenskyi Park, is no exception. Above the Dnieper slopes, there is another landmark, the gazebo called Swallow's Nest. It offers magnificent views of the island of Baida (aka Mala Khortytsia). This gazebo has a touching romantic story: during the Second World War, on the territory of the preventorium, where it's located, it was the only thing that was able to survive. It is said that it was preserved by the love of those who declared their love here before the war.


But that's not all. In the square on Rubana Street, there is the only Reconciliation Lodge in all of Ukraine (here you will need a pillow; to rest or take pictures; decide for yourself). And on Shevchenko Boulevard, there is the Clock of Lovers, a music clock, next to which you can see a monument to loving hearts.


  • What to bring: a blanket so as not to freeze on the beach, and a lock.


For many, Odesa is associated only with beach holidays, shrimp, and incendiary parties in the open air by the sea. But lovers of romance know that in winter the atmosphere of the city becomes especially charming and opens from a completely different angle. Winter sea is special. Just imagine the shores of the Black Sea without thousands of vacationers! And after a walk along the coast, you can go on a tour behind the scenes of the opera house or enjoy music at the Music of Love concert.


Odesa is famous for its cozy courtyards, so it's not surprising that one of them is considered the most romantic place in the city. The Italian courtyard is located near the Mother-in-law's Bridge. It offers a magnificent view of the Black Sea. And there is a big heart. Take a lock with you on the trip to leave it on this installation, and be sure to come back again. Your castle will be waiting for you and remind you of a romantic day in the city.


  • What to bring: peppermint candies for passionate kisses; don't forget the chapstick, no one has canceled the winter cold.


The highlight of Lutsk is Lubart Castle or Lutsk Castle. This ancient building can safely be called a true ode to love. The love story of Lubart began in 1316, when his father, Grand Duke Gediminas, forced the local prince to sign an agreement that Lubart would marry his daughter Agrippina. Often such attempts by influential parents to arrange the future of their children ended in misfortune, but in this story, everything happened differently: the young prince and the girl fell in love with each other. Difficulties came from nowhere: the bride's mother was adamantly against marriage. Only 15 years later, the couple was able to get married in Lutsk, spreading their love years later.

The entrance tower of Lubart Castle, according to locals, is the best place for kisses. If you have no fear of heights, then you will appreciate the romance of this place. When there is not a soul around, and the most mysterious and cozy part of the city is revealed before your eyes, everything pushes you to hug your partner tightly and kiss passionately!


  • What to bring: knowledge of ancient Greek myths and gloves for long walks.


It is said that love can work wonders. There is no doubt about it when you visit Uman's Sofiivka, an amazing man-made garden, in which a fairy tale, reality, and mad love are intertwined. Today, this place is one of the most beautiful areas created by man.

The founder of the park was the Polish magnate Count Stanislaw Potocki, who fell in love with the Greek Sophia, whom he met during one of his travels. Both were married at the time, but despite the strict laws of the time, the lovers endured all the divorce proceedings and received approval to marry from the Empress herself. According to legend, the woman was madly longing for her homeland, which is why the count decided to give his beloved a real oasis, Hellas, in miniature. And today in the park you can find sculptures of Apollo, Aphrodite, Orpheus, which are reminiscent of romantic Greek myths. Here, at any time of the year, lovers will be able not only to admire the sculptures and unique landscape but also to be alone in one of the many quiet corners of Sofia.


  • What to bring: a coffee thermos and Masoch's book.


We won't make a grand discovery if we say that one of the most romantic cities in Ukraine is Lviv. Its ancient buildings and narrow streets have probably heard hundreds of thousands of confessions of eternal love throughout its existence. Lviv offers many holiday options for lovers, so everyone can choose something for themselves. From traditional dates with chocolate and coffee to experiments in the style of the Lviv-born Masoch.

Here you can visit the organ hall, go to a performance at the Opera House, have dinner at the Rynok Square, listen to street musicians and meet the dawn in a rock cafe. Or you can just order the most delicious coffee to take with you in a thermos and walk around the city parks all day.


One of the popular locations, where couples in love visit, is the Italian courtyard in the Korniakt Palace. Visit it to experience the atmosphere of the courtyards of Venice and Rome (bonus: beautiful Instagram photos). Don't miss the bench for lovers in Rynok Square. Lviv residents say that couples should sit on it for a few minutes, holding hands, to make love stronger.


  • What to bring: warm socks, a hat, and a ring.

Озеро Синевір

If you are going on a romantic weekend to the Carpathians or Lviv, be sure to visit Lake Synevyr on a tour. The Sea Eye of the Carpathians is the most mountainous and picturesque lake in Ukraine. Synevyr is associated with the legend of the love of the shepherd Vyr and the lord's daughter Syna. They say that if you make a marriage proposal in this place, you will not be refused. In addition, next to the natural monument there are several beautiful hotels with cozy restaurants-huts, where it will be good to arrange an unforgettable romantic dinner.


  • What to bring: a bag for pies and passports for marriage registration (yes, just in case).


Do you want Ukrainian color, sung by the classics of literature? Then go to Poltava. Here you can taste real Poltava dumplings, walk along the bright alleys, immerse yourself in the romantic era and look at the city from a bird's eye view.

музей українського весілля

An authentic museum of Ukrainian weddings appeared in the village of Velyki Budyshcha near Poltava a few years ago. The peculiarity of the museum is that here you can not just touch the exhibits with your hands, but also move into the past. To see an ancient wedding ceremony, or even to become a participant in the ceremony. As it should be, at a wedding they drink and eat for the health and happiness of the couple. Drinks are real. Snacks on the table are ancient Ukrainian dishes prepared with great-grandmothers' technology. Visitors from the museum come with gifts; here tourists are given pies, hot, just from the oven. By the way, you can get married in the museum. In fact, the marriage will be arranged by a representative of the legal authorities, the head of the local village council. We don't hint at anything.

Even more useful solutions!

What to do on Valentine's Day in Kyiv?

Dating ideas:

  • Skating on a romantic rink at Expocenter of Ukraine

A good program for the holidays is organized at the Expocenter of Ukraine. Kyiv is dressed in romantic scenery on February 14, and the National Complex is no exception. It is worth coming here to ride one of the largest ice rinks in Europe. If you've never skated before, don't worry; the support of your loved one (literally and figuratively) will help you master this art faster. Skates can be rented (rental is included in the cost of visiting) or you can come with your own skates.

  • Look at the starry sky under the dome of the Kyiv Planetarium

On February 14, in the planetarium, under one of the largest domes in Europe, you can travel to the most distant constellations! "As the Earth cannot exist without the sun, so people cannot exist without love! We guarantee a romantic rendezvous in any weather under a cloudless starry sky!" say the organizers. There will also be a raffle of gifts, surprises, and glasses of champagne.

  • Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of France in the House of Cinema

"Bonjour Paris" on Valentine's Day is a romantic concert of French hits about love, a great opportunity to spend an evening with a loved one, enjoying lyrical songs. Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu, Lara Fabian, Charles Aznavour and Joe Dassen will not disappoint.

Main solution

день закоханих

There are many places in Ukraine where you can go on Valentine's Day. It is simply impossible to cover them all in one review. Celebrate, travel, love, and be loved! But wherever you go in search of romance, always remember: there is no universal romantic place, for everyone such a place can be anywhere.

Also, remember that we create the mood ourselves, not the places. Imagine that you are the heroes of a romantic movie, turn on your soundtrack in the headphones, and spend this day just the way you want. May Valentine's Day be truly remembered. They way as you want.

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