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Adrenaline on a wet track and a buggy with unicorns: how Ukrainian Autocross Championship went off

What is autocross? For athletes, it's an opportunity to become the fastest ones; for spectators of the race, it's an emotional show, where cars turn over and fly over the ground in an attempt to overtake each other. On October 30-31, we saw everything in Dnipro: speed, emotions, and even a childhood dream being fulfilled.

This weekend, the final of the Ukrainian Automobile Cross Championship was held in Dnipro. Athletes from 5.5 to 65 years old participated. These are the best racers from all over Ukraine! Read our report to find out how the races went, why this sport attracts hundreds of spectators, and what to do if your child wants to engage in motorsport.

The best from all over Ukraine

On the outskirts of Dnipro, almost at the very exit, several hundred people gathered in the field. They monitor what is happening on the track. Dirt and dust fly in clods from under the wheels of cars, now and then we see sharp turns and flights on descents: each of the drivers wants to come to the finish line first. The fast movement of cars and the roar of engines are greeted by the audience with admiring sighs. The commentator barely has time to describe everything that happens on the road.

The best of the best from all over the country are on the track. These athletes passed the qualifying rounds of the Ukrainian Motor Sports Championship and came to Dnipro to compete for the winners' cups. Anyone who had a license from the Automobile Federation and a prepared car could participate.

"Other stages of the Autocross Championship were held in Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhia, Kremenchuk. But in Dnipro, there is one of the best tracks for racing, Dnepr-Cross, so it is here on the Day of the Motorist and Road Worker that we gathered to determine the winners," said the vice president of Automobile Federation and organizer of the event Oleksandr Feldman.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу

The athletes chose to ride on the wet track in advance; every few runs it was poured with water. It is easier to get bogged down on such a road, sometimes the mud completely covered up the windshields, so the athletes drove almost blindly.

Adults competed in several classes: Sprint, 8, 8 C, 10, 12, depending on the technical characteristics of the cars. Separate groups are for children. Little racers competed in the Buggy Championship; these are small light off-road vehicles.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу

Oleksandr Feldman says that this year it was a little more difficult to organize the final due to the pandemic.

"The situation with covid makes us adapt. In some regions, it was more difficult to attract rescuers, ambulances since they monitor safety during the competition. But we still tried to hold all the events, because it means positive emotions. We generate no less positive emotions than football. That is why so many people always come to our events," Oleksandr Feldman emphasizes.

Pink buggy with unicorns

Her buggy can be seen from afar; it's pink, in sequins, and with unicorn faces. When this car passes, the audience smiles and laughs. A little girl is sitting behind the wheel in black and pink overalls.

"We were looking for this particular shade of paint for a very long time. Then I couldn't choose which unicorn I wanted," Tania Yaromenko from Cherkasy shows her car. She's 9 years old and has been driving for 2 years now.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу

"It's interesting and fun. You get adrenaline. And also, since I started racing," the girl laughs, "I'm interviewed every week."

Tania came to the Ukrainian Autocross Championship with her coach and dad. This is one person: two-time champion of the country in track racing, Andrii Yaromenko. The athlete says: he has been engaged in slalom, and rally for a long time, and has been fond of automobile cross for the last four years. I took my daughter with me to the competition, so she wanted to drive.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу

"My dad always took me to the awards in a sports car. And I really liked it. And then, when he offered to race, I gladly agreed," says Tania. The girl admits that she's not scared at all while driving, and dad doesn't worry about her either.

"She's tied, wearing a helmet and a protective cage. In principle, safety is followed to the maximum. Let her study and train," adds Andrii.

Usually, coaches deal with children, while Andrii trains Tania himself. The athlete explained what to do if your child is interested in racing.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу - 6935

"First, you need to go to the website of the Automobile Federation of Ukraine and find a division in your area. Their representative will tell you where and how you can do it."

Tania's buggy cost the family $3,000 two years ago. This machine is of domestic production, made in Mariupol. But you don't have to buy your own car, Andrii adds, but use a rented car; a representative of the auto federation will give you the option.

"Running, of course, will come out a little cheaper. Racing is a technical sport that requires costs. We are already preparing to change the buggy because soon Tania will move to a more senior group. We'll take a new frame, body and another motor. These are already different requirements. The machines are faster and more powerful there."

Cups for winners

Andrii Yaromenko became the best in his class. The multi-colored Citroen, which the athlete pasted over with his daughter, came first in his race with number 53. Most likely it was one of the last competitions of a 20-year-old car, Andrii is going to buy a more powerful car next year.

Tania in a pink buggy wasn't included in the top three athletes, but she also received a prize. Together with the Yaromenko family, a little more than a dozen athletes received awards.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу - 6935

The cups were presented by Oleh Zontov, Head of Communications at BGV Group Management. Hennadii Butkevych's Ukrainian investment company became the general partner of the races. The company develops businesses, projects in the sectors of production, processing, energy efficiency, retail, and development.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу

"We're the general partner of FC Polissia, we support children's football and boxing. The founder of BGV Group Management is a sports person, and our entire company is sports. After all, it's important to understand: business invests in the country's economy, but its development is impossible without people. And people – their well-being and health – are the basis for economic development. Therefore, the company supports both social and sports projects," said Oleh Zontov, head of the BGV Group Management communications department.

Чемпіонат України з автокросу - 6935

We publish the full list of winners

  • Sprint class – Serhii Yunashev, Kyiv
  • Class 8 – Andrii Yaromenko, Cherkasy
  • Class 8 С – Oleh Pantelei, Donetsk
  • Class 10 – Serhii Lakushev, Zaporizhzhia
  • Class 12 – Volodymyr Kondratenko, Kyiv
  • Team competition – UKRTRANS MIST, Kyiv
  • I junior credit group – Bohdan Marushchak, Chernivtsi
  • I senior credit group – Mykyta Botuk, Chernivtsi
  • II credit group – Oleksii Nechitailo, Melitopol
  • ІІІ credit group – Andrei Maxian, Chisinau

See more photos in our photo report:


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