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TOP-5 books and movies that will inspire you to try veganism for at least one day

International Vegan Day is celebrated annually on November 1. This year, we decided to share with you books and movies that will help inspire you to try veganism.

People choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a solution to serious chronic diseases; for others, it is a way to help the planet avoid an environmental crisis. And someone wants to end the suffering of animals. Veganism does solve many different problems on Earth, and the percentage of vegans is growing. Most likely, watching one of the films or even reading the books will not make you a vegan, but maybe it will help you understand those who have become and at least encourage you to try veganism for a while. The UA Plant-Based campaign collected the most interesting ones.

TOP-5 best movies

  •  The Game Changers

The USA, 2019

Director: Louie Psihoyos

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

The Game Changers is a revolutionary documentary about meat, protein, and power. Starring former Ultimate Fighter trainer and elite special forces James Wilkes, the film attempts to challenge the protein myth and answer the question vegans are most often asked: "Where do you get your protein?". The Game Changers answers that question by showcasing famous athletes who follow a plant-based diet, including Olympic athletes, NFL players, boxers, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. The film also features passionate plant-based advocates, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton.

You can watch the movie on Netflix. In 2019, the film was broadcast in Ukrainian cinemas.

  • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Great Britain, 2020

Directors: Alastair Fothergill, Jonathan Hughes, Keith Scholey

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

The documentary "A Life on our planet" is a scary story by 93-year-old David Attenborough about the global environmental crisis — climate change, deforestation, overfishing, and exponential population growth. This beautifully shot film also tells the story of Attenborough's extraordinary life, including his journey to the rainforests of Borneo and other beautiful places. The last 30 minutes of the film move from tragedy to action, looking at the many ways we can help save the planet.

You can watch the movie in the original language on Netflix.

  • Eating You Alive

The USA, 2018

Director: Paul David Kennamer Jr.

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

In an in-depth analysis of the relationship between diet and health, Eating You Alive provides compelling evidence that our eating habits can cause and solve serious chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease. The documentary takes on the American food industry, big pharma, and doctors to show how they only treat the symptoms and not the disease itself. "Eating you alive" is an attempt to combine qualitative studies of the way of eating and its impact on human life.

You can watch the movie in the original language using the Apple TV service.

  • Eating Our Way to Extinction

Great Britain, 2021 рік

Director: Ludo Brockway, Otto Brockway

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

Our modern eating habits and lifestyles have led to unprecedented levels of environmental destruction, including climate change and loss of biodiversity. Eating Our Way to Extinction reveals the hard truth with compelling testimonials, shocking images, powerful statistics, and graphics that show how our diet directly affects the state of the planet. Filmmaking brothers Ludo and Otto Brockway explore the impact of livestock farming on the planet's climate, land use, and biodiversity. This compelling documentary explores how eating meat and animal products destroy the earth, making people question and reconsider their food choices.

You can watch the film in the original language on the official YouTube page of the film.

  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

The USA, 2014 рік

Directors: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

The Big Horned Conspiracy is one of Netflix's most famous documentaries. Directors Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn continued investigating industrial agriculture's situation and found many pitfalls. The deplorable conditions of keeping animals and the destructive impact of animal husbandry on the environment were in the center of attention. The problem scale is really impressive. The entire car fleet of the planet, together with industrial enterprises, causes much less damage than livestock. The truth about this is hidden from people. Environmental organizations are silent and act within their own framework and narrow interests.

You can watch the movie in the original language on Google Play.

TOP-5 best books

  • Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals

The Netherlands, 2021

Author: Roanne van Voorst

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

How will future generations view us living in a world characterized by excessive consumption of animals for food, clothing, and other items? In Once Upon a Time We Ate Animals, renowned anthropologist Roanne van Voorst invites readers to explore this question by shifting the focus from the present, looking forward to the future, and looking back. Envisioning a world where eating animals is no longer the norm, this powerful and thought-provoking book will change how people think about meat consumption.

The book is available for sale in English here.

  • Eating Animals

The USA, 2010

Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

In this nonfiction, acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer examines what food means to people. Why do we eat animals when there are so many plant-based alternatives? Would we eat animals if we knew how they were suffering? These and other questions became more of a concern to Foer after he became a father and felt a growing interest in the essence of life itself. Finally, he decided to do his own research. He visited animal farms at night to document the brutal conditions in which the animals were forced to exist. He has also spoken with numerous animal rights activists and nutrition experts about the relationship between nutrition and animal ethics.

The book in the original language can be purchased here.

  • Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

The USA, 2009

Author: Melanie Joy

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

Why do we eat some animals and not others? Social psychologist Melanie Joy takes a psychological approach to the phenomenon of animal consumption, exploring the belief system surrounding meat consumption that she calls "carnism." In this challenging and instructive book, readers will learn how our behavior is conditioned by dominant belief systems, as it describes the many ways in which we lose our natural compassion for animals. It is mandatory material for all people who think critically and want to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of meat consumption.

The book (in the original language) is available for sale on the social networks of the NGO "Open Cages Ukraine."

  • Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement

The USA, 2009

Author: Peter Singer

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

In the book "Animal Liberation" Peter Singer, a philosopher and scientist-ethicist, takes a theoretical but, at the same time, practical approach to the big topic of speciesism – the unequal treatment of living beings only on the basis that they belong to a certain biological species. Among other things, Singer criticizes the universal exploitation of animals for food and research purposes. The book offers a comprehensive look at the history of speciesism, providing basic information for beginners without prior knowledge.

In 2019, the Pabulum publishing house published a Ukrainian translation of "The Liberation of Animals." You can buy the book at the link.

  • Plant-based on a budget

The USA, 2019

Author: Toni Okamoto

ТОП 5 книг та фільмів, які надихнуть спробувати веганство хоча б на один день

One of the most common misconceptions about plant-based eating is that a plant-based diet is more expensive than a diet that includes meat and dairy. However, the truth is that plant-based foods can be very affordable — and Toni Okamoto is here to prove it! With 100 customizable recipes, Akomoto encourages her readers to create their own plant-based alternatives based on ingredients they have on hand, thus saving money and reducing food waste. In short, the book provides you with everything you need to make nutrition easy, delicious, and, most importantly, affordable.

You can buy the book in the original language using the link.

You can get many budget recipes for plant-based dishes for free on the website of the UA Plant-Based campaign. And you can try veganism and sign up for a free 10-day Plant-Based Challenge.

Authors of the article: Artem Karayanov and Nina Novoselska, the UA Plant-Based campaign representatives.


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гарний список! дещо вж знайоме, а дещо ще маю переглянути.
мій шлях до веганства почався з прочитання книги Animal liberation Сінгера. хоча, можливо першим був фільм Earthlings... вразило до глибини душі. також пригадую що моє знайомство з "Відкритими клітками" почалось з перегляду Game changers - дуже надихача якісна документалка!

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