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TOP-3 solutions for energy saving: available grants and finding support

For the International Day of Energy Saving, we tell you where to look for funding and where to apply for grants to improve the energy efficiency of your own home or communal buildings.

What is the problem?

This winter, more than ever, we must adhere to the basic principles of energy saving. Firstly, because the intensity of heating will be reduced due to russian attacks, we have to keep warm. Secondly, despite any challenges and war, Ukraine still needs to move closer to zero carbon emissions.

Rubryka often tells about eco-solutions that have been applied in various communities, condominiums, or municipal institutions, but in this material, we will discuss where to find funding to implement such solutions.

What is the solution?

Зелені рішення, що рятують, коли немає світла, та допомагають економити електроенергію

Make the house warmer and pay less for heating.

The "Energodim" program offers members of condominiums the return of up to 70% of the funds for repair work, materials, and equipment for the energy modernization of the house.

The "ENERGODIM" program from the Energy Efficiency Fund provides for the modernization of condominiums of your home with reimbursement of up to 70% for work, materials, and equipment. At the same time, condominiums can take advantage of other state and/or local co-financing programs to implement energy-efficient measures.

👉🏻 What can be done? To modernize the house, it is necessary to start with the installation of an individual heating point. The next steps are balancing the hydraulic system of the building and thermal insulation of pipelines in unheated rooms. Many buildings need in-depth modernization; therefore, within the program's framework, it is possible to carry out a complex of works on thermal insulation of walls, roofs, and basement floors and replace doors and windows in common areas.

Condominium members are offered a reduction in utility bills from 20 to 60%, depending on the modernization package they choose. According to approximate calculations, the "Light" package can provide an average of 20% savings on heating. Under the "Complex" package, savings on heating can reach 60%.

👉🏻 How long will the project last? The Energy Efficiency Fund is financed by the EE4U and EE4U-II programs, the validity of which has been extended for another three years; that is, funding of the Fund's programs by donors will continue for another three years.

👉🏻 Where does it already work? To date, 215 fully or partially completed energy-efficient projects are already under the ENERGODIM Program. Even during the full-scale war, the fund continues to work — it has already completed 58 condominium projects with a total cost of UAH 376.3 million. As of October 3, the Energy Efficiency Fund has already received another 196 new applications and continues to accept the following ones.

👉🏻 Where to get a consultation? Call 044 222 9590 or invite a regional advisor to the house and get a whole set of consultations even before the preliminary energy audit of the house. Find advisors' contacts here.

👉🏻 You can apply and learn more about the program here.

Stop heating the ground and move the boiler room

The Hoverla program from USAID will last until 2026

Зелені рішення, що рятують, коли немає світла, та допомагають економити електроенергію

In winter, especially when it snows, it is easy to determine where the heating line passes — by the absence of snow and green grass. A large amount of heat is spent on heating the ground — it is not practical either from an economic point of view, because you will have to buy more material for burning, or from an environmental point of view because much more CO2 enters the air.

👉🏻 What can be done? The logical solution, in this case, is to move the boiler room. Such an energy efficiency solution has already been implemented in one of the communities in the Kyiv region.

👉🏻 Where does it already work? Boiler rooms were rebuilt in schools and kindergartens of the Cybliv community in the Kyiv region with the funds provided by the USAID "Hoverla" project. In particular, in the village of Letsky, the boiler house was moved 300 meters closer to the school, a modern Ukrainian-made economical boiler was installed there, and firewood was collected.

👉🏻 How long will the project last? The deadline for submitting applications for the project this year was November 1, but the project will be implemented during 2021-2026, so you can follow the news and announcements of the project and wait for new opportunities. The support involves facilitating the implementation of transformative transformations at the local level, strengthening the capacity of local self-government bodies and their officials to exercise the relevant powers. The total amount of funding for the Project is estimated at 74 million dollars.

👉🏻 Where to find information about the "Hoverla" project? On the official page of the project on Facebook or the website.

Renovation of municipal buildings and greater energy efficiency with the NEFCO program in Ukraine

Зелені рішення, що рятують, коли немає світла, та допомагають економити електроенергію

👉🏻 What can you get? NEFCO collaborates at the city level and offers to restore old buildings, making them energy efficient. Renovations provided under the program extend the life of buildings by approximately 30 years by insulating facades, replacing windows and doors, and installing air recovery systems.

Currently, a new large-scale energy efficiency project is being developed with the city of Kyiv, covering about 450 more public buildings: kindergartens, schools, and other institutions. The repair of individual heating points in these public buildings will benefit another 180,000 children and staff of kindergartens and schools in Kyiv. The total budget of the project will be 7.25 million euros.

👉🏻 Where does it already work? The program existed in Ukraine from 2012 to 2019, during which 328 municipal buildings in Kyiv were reconstructed. The main focus was on kindergartens, which had abnormally high energy consumption due to dilapidated heating systems. In 17 kindergartens, complete thermal modernization was carried out, new LED lighting was installed in 33 educational buildings, and individual heating points (ITP) in all kindergartens were reconstructed (254 buildings) or newly installed (24 buildings).

👉🏻 Where to get more information? You can visit the NEFCO website and follow the program updates. You can also find there the contacts of representatives of the organization, to whom you can contact for additional information. You can also follow announcements and news on the project's Facebook page.


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