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Not only orgy: how 140 people trained to stop critical bleeding on Shchekavytsia Hill

While everyone is going to meet Shchekavytsia Hill for you know what, the Soloma Cats charity foundation has decided to make a preemptive strike and gathered Kyiv residents on one of Kyiv's mountains to teach them how to provide first aid. In our turbulent times, this knowledge definitely won't hurt.

On Sunday, October 2, the charity foundation's team held a non-trivial event: training in pre-medical care on the legendary Shchekavitsia mountain in Kyiv. The instructors focused on teaching how to stop critical bleeding. After all, it is one of the main reasons for the death of the wounded, both civilians and the military. Also, on mannequins, residents of Kyiv were taught to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Rubryka also took part in the training. We explain what was happening and show you Shchekavytsia Hill. It wouldn't hurt to know the area.

What does the orgy have to do with it?

Amid the nuclear threats from russia, the Ukrainian people don't lose their bravery and sense of humor. One Ukrainian tweet became viral after russian dictator vladimir putin gave his address on September 21 to the citizens of the russian federation and threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine or other "threats."

Ukrainian Natalia Piskova was the one who published a Twitter post that became a meme:

"I won't tell you a long story about how I found out about it, but there is a community in Kyiv with a chat on Telegram who plan to gather on Shchekavytsia Hill [in Kyiv] and arrange an orgy in the event of a nuclear explosion. So keep this in mind, just in case any of you have an unfulfilled sexual fantasy."

The joke about the orgy has reached national and international levels with the likes of Paul Massaro, a senior policy advisor for the US Helsinki Commission, tweeting about it and playing on a famous quote from Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda.

When you come to Shchekavytsia, and there's no one there

How an orgy promotes first aid

A lot of people wanted to spend the weekend with a benefit, so the organizers divided them into four groups of 30 people in advance. The mini-training for each lasted an hour and a half, of which people practiced for an hour. During this time, the instructors taught people how to recognize critical bleeding, stop it with the help of certified tourniquets, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Не тільки оргія: як на Щекавиці 140 учасників навчили зупиняти критичні кровотечі

"Here, we teach only a part of the course on first aid," Ivan Nikolenko, instructor of the foundation, explains, "but it is a base that will be useful to everyone. Full-fledged training for civilians lasts at least three and a half hours. We also do them. We teach how to examine and transport victims, apply tourniquets, tamponade wounds, and make bandages. Participants receive an international certificate and recommendations for civilian first-aid kits. You can get to us if you fill out the form on our social media."

The event at Shchekavytsia is a charity event. You could participate by donating 300 hryvnias. The donation is from 500 hryvnias to see how others learn. But why on Shchekavytsia?

"Jokes about Shchekavytsia spread across the network, and this way, we decided to draw attention to the importance of knowing pre-medical care in today's realities," says Andrii Yerofeev, executive director of the foundation, "and to support our main direction: free tactical medicine training for the military and quality first-aid kits. Currently, we have trained more than 12,000 defenders in tactical medicine. And now we are gathering for a mobile training center to continue training soldiers on the entire front and rear and start courses for combat medics."

Не тільки оргія: як на Щекавиці 140 учасників навчили зупиняти критичні кровотечі

The collection continues on the crowdfunding platform Spilnokosht. Anyone can help even more people gain knowledge of first aid, potentially saving someone's life, and learn this help yourself. Do not neglect such opportunities. Today, taking responsibility for your life and the lives of people around you is what can save it in case of danger.

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