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From assault to impeachment: why political crisis continues in U.S. but there's reason for optimism

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The United States is once again in the spotlight, however, not for its achievements but due to the storming of the Capitol.

Why did Trump supporters storm the Congress building? What will happen to American democracy now, and why do Americans even street-fight in 2021? Is Trump facing impeachment and will supporters go to defend him?

We explain how the political crisis broke out in the United States and how it may end.

What happened in Washington? Was Congress really stormed?

Yes, January 6 in the United States will go down in history due to this. However, as it turned out, it began before the "offensive" on the Capitol.

Morning, Washington city. "Save America March" of thousands is going on in front of the Capitol (they are Donald Trump's supporters). The president, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, are speaking, and repeating familiar slogans about "faked" elections. Trump urges supporters to storm the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue, which "he loves."

"If you don't fight like Hell, you're not going to have a country anymore… When you catch somebody in fraud, you're allowed to go by very different rules… You'll never take back our country with weakness," says the president in his 70-minute (!) speech. It was after this that the crowd began chanting "Fighting for Trump," for which the president thanked.

At the time, the US Congress was holding a ceremonial session of both houses of parliament, where congressional representatives "accepted" the votes of electors from 50 states, after which Joe Biden would officially become president. When it was Arizona's turn, Republicans protested and debates began.

At that moment, hundreds of Trumpists attacked the Capitol, and it resembled a medieval storming of the castle.

середньовічний штурм замку

Some protesters broke through the borders of security forces, some managed to climb the bare wall, others pulled ropes and ladders.

The police were supposed to intervene, but they weren't ready, and some even took selfies with the attackers.

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