Ecorubric 13:19 04 Feb 2021

A commodity or a living being? What's wrong with Ukrainian pet stores

And what to do if you witness cruel conditions animals are kept in.

During the lockdown, people need emotional support. Many received it from four-legged friends.

Despite all the financial troubles, people aren't ready to save on those warming their hearts. People who already have a four-legged or winged friend began to buy more delicacies, accessories, and toys for them, and those who haven't acquired a pet yet have seriously considered this issue.

According to global marketers, throughout the pandemic, pet sales are flourishing, with $125 billion in global sales in 2020. It's not surprising: on the one hand, communication with pets helps people to overcome stress; on the other hand, thanks to working remotely, many citizens have extra time and opportunity to take care of a pet.

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