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Mail Day: 15 mail solutions that will surprise you

Did you know that carrier pigeons are still in use? That letter can be sent even from the bottom of the ocean? And that you can create furniture from mailboxes? We talk about these and other solutions in the Rubryka article

If every house in the past was looking forward to a postman to get long-awaited news from family and friends, learn news from a fresh newspaper and read subscription magazines, today the world has changed completely. When we see dusty mailboxes, it may seem that the old-school post offices are living their last days. But it's only at first glance. Despite the advent of the Internet, which has made it accessible and convenient for people from all over the world to communicate, the postal service still exists and is not going to give up.

According to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), modern international mail speaks the 6,800 languages ​​of its customers and has the world's longest physical delivery network. It provides reliable, efficient, and economical transportation of goods, promotes the exchange of ideas, helps companies of all sizes to find customers and exchange correspondence, doesn't stop transmitting personal thoughts of friends over long distances. Approximately 5 million letters pass through all post offices of the world in one minute.

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Nowadays, the post offices not only recall their best times but also master the latest technologies, develop and find new solutions. The best proof of this is that the volume of items processed by postal operators in different countries is only growing every year.

International Post Day, which is celebrated annually on October 9, is one of the world's UN holidays. It is designed to promote and develop postal services. On this occasion, Rubryka has collected the 15 most interesting postal solutions.

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