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"My business was stolen from me." Story of a co-founder of the first zero-waste company in Ukraine

Why, before driving into the Blue Ocean, you need to establish legal relations on the shore: experience and lessons from Anastasia Martynenko

Anastasia Martynenko / Facebook photo

OZERO is the first Zero Waste company in Ukraine to help people lead a conscious lifestyle. The online platform would sell products made from natural materials or reusable items, such as reusable coffee cups or bamboo toothbrushes.

OZERO Анастасія Мартиненко

Photo from Anastasia Martynenko's Facebook page

How was the company born?

The idea belongs to Anastasia Martynenko, an environmental expert and mentor, who knows exactly how to make life more environmentally friendly:

"The very idea of opening a zero waste space came to me when I saw similar spaces abroad, and later visited one in Paris in August 2017," Anastasia shares her memories with Rubryka. "A few days after my return, I went to study at the Ukrainian Social Academy, where mentors helped future social entrepreneurs. A month later, in September, we met our former partners when we gave lectures on waste sorting in schools. In October, at one of our meetings in Lvivsky Pliatsky cafe, I talked about this idea. It turned out that Olha Fil, our colleague, also dreamed of such a store and we decided: why not open the first one in Ukraine? I am so grateful to Olha for believing then that it's possible. Then, I was joining one of the Ukrainian Social Academy programs with a project of reusable bags and feminine hygiene products, but I decided that this project is larger in its impact: exactly what we wanted. So, I invited my colleagues to apply for training with a joint project."

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Эта статья полный абсурд. Автор статьи даже не разобралась в ситуации, не запросила подтверждающие документы и доказательства.

Искренне надеюсь, что вас засудят за такое.

Я с Надей и Аней совместно арендую помещение и весь ремонт и открытие мы прошли вместе. Настя пришла дважды на 20 минут, ни в каких процессах она не участвовала ни организационно, ни финансово, ни интеллектуально.

При выходе из ТОВ девочки оставили компание Насте!

Аня и Надя вышли из ТОВ, а не забрали его.

Настя, такая вся талантливая, обнаружила, что оказывается просто ТОВ ей ЗП платить не будет, ещё же и работать надо.

Статья - лишний раз подтверждает тупоголовость и отсутсвие экспернтости и ответственности поверхностных журналюшек.

До встрече в суде, в деле о клевете.

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