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Even you'll look for "Where is money." The first quest-comedy will be released in Ukraine. Rubryka visited set

And also how Ukrainian cinema is being created, who got into the new DZIDZIO film through the bed, and what Anna Butkevych said about the mystery house at Dovzhenko's film studio

The film shooting, which claims to be the first in its genre, has ended in Kyiv. The legendary Ada Rohovtseva, Yurii Horbunov, Anna Butkevych, Mykhailo Khoma, and other equally talented actors played In the new quest-comedy "Where is money?" by Mykhailo Khoma, known as DZIDZIO.

The film was shot in 23 days, and the team has already started editing. RUBRYKA visited the filming "equator," and we need to note that we were impressed not only by the skill of the actors but also by the large-scale scenery. But all in good time.

According to the plot of the film, money is hidden in the main character's house, played by Ada Rohovtseva, and everyone who gets into this house dreams of only one thing: to find them. Both the pianist played by Mykhailo Khoma and the seductive housemaid Rita, the heroine of Anna Butkevych, and the other heroes get into the house with one goal: each of them needs money.


What is a quest-comedy?

Quest comedy, according to Khoma, is a unique genre: "We engage the audience to look for money with us," he says. "Where's money is an eternal question. We'll look for it to the last, and they'll be hidden where you couldn't have imagined!" Khoma intrigued. The actor even took a tour of the house rooms, where the major action takes place. According to him, every item in the interior plays a role.


To make the film, Mykhailo and producer Anatolii Bezukh visited more than one quest room in Kyiv, where they collected ideas for a future film. Now the film is being shot in one of the largest pavilions of Dovzhenko's studio with an area of ​​1650 square meters. According to the scriptwriters, the action takes place in a house full of mysteries and secret tunnels, and other secrets. Production designer Maks Nimenko and his group proposed a concept and created a house-quest of 15 rooms, where the walls move, the ceilings fall, secret rooms appear and disappear.

How does the filming look like?


The filming was in full swing last week, and our team managed to visit. As it turned out, the filming process isn't an easy task. The actors work for 12 hours and, according to Anna Butkevych, their arms and legs sometimes tremble after a change from tension. The actors have almost no time in between shootings. And even when they aren't in the shot, it's hard to catch their attention. As Anna Butkevych, who plays a housemaid in the film, told us, in between the scenes she plays, Anna watches the other actors:

— It's impossible to resist Ada Rohovtseva's unexcelled acting, and I can't take my eyes off of playback when she's in the frame. And our story has another protagonist: a house full of secrets. The house-quest, which not only serves as a place of the key events but also becomes the only witness of all adventures and transformations of the main character.


We asked Anna Butkevych a few questions about what the work on the film looks like behind the camera. And here's what we learned:

— Do you transform to your character immediately or do you have to get used to the role every time?

— First, you get acquainted with your character by reading the script and then reading with the director and partners. Then the rehearsal of each scene is happening on the set. So when I walk into the shot, I'm Rytka. But the number of takes is different. The most challenging thing is when the scene has such nuances that there can be only one take! One! And you have no right to make a mistake or "break" character. For example, scenes in classic comedies, when the hero is thrown a cake in the face. And besides, there can be scenes with water and special effects, and one costume, one wig. Then it takes three hours to restore them for the second take, Nobody plans that.

— I've heard that sometimes actors sit on their script for "good luck." Do you personally have any traditions before going on set or acting beliefs?

— Yes, I was taught this belief, but I often forget about it. I always feel sorry when they break a beautiful plate with the names of everyone who'll make a movie, so this time we did takes and now each actor has a memory of filming with the names of all involved.


How are actors chosen for Ukrainian cinema?

At a press conference in front of journalists, Mykhailo Khoma joked that the film had started from bed. And he told the absolute truth because in the scene that was played at rehearsals Khoma is in bed with Ada Rohovtseva. And what about the other actors?

— Why do you think you were chosen for this role (we ask Anna Butkevych)?

— I remember very well how almost a year ago I met Mykhailo Khoma (DZIDZO) on another TV show, and suddenly he offered me to star in his new film. He spoke with such enthusiasm about the new comedy; it was impossible to refuse. But when I realized that it was one of the main roles, I began to ask him a lot of questions. In response, he only took me by the hand, looked me sharply into the eyes, and said: "Everything will be fine! You'll see! You're exactly our Rytka!" And since I'm Rytka, I can do it! And now this phrase has become the slogan of my heroine: Rytka can do it!

— What's special about your role?

— Each role is special, each changes me, my attitude to certain situations, people, events. And my Rytka is special because she's capable of bold deeds. She can be strong and defenseless, mercantile and romantic, provocative and tender. Rytka is complex, but she always remains a real woman, even a superwoman, although she's faced with a tough choice: love or money.


— What do you like most about your heroine, and what, on the contrary, repulses you?

— I like that Rytka is just full of contradictions. She's defiant and spontaneous, but I'm sure that on the way to her dream, she'll overcome the test of ice, fire, dirt and will never stop. She can change destiny. Nothing pushes me away in Rytka, I just don't always agree with her, because we're different. In my opinion, there are lines you should never step over. And money doesn't solve everything.

— What was more challenging, to play a thief in "The Legacy of Lies" or Ryta?

— It's interesting to play both Tatiana and Rytka. But with Rytka, I have more opportunity to improvise, she's spontaneous, it's not clear what she'll choose in the end, good or evil. And the comedy genre is more complicated because you can laugh through tears. And Tatiana from "The Legacy of Lies" is "Lady Evil." And I needed to make everyone feel it when appearing in the scene. I had to do it. She's an unfathomable figure and doesn't let anyone into her heart. As they say nothing personal, just business. So is my Tatiana, and within this cold cruelty, it was harder for me to resist.


Last thing 

Last thing, how do you see modern Ukrainian cinema?

— I SEE Ukrainian cinema, it exists, and it's the key thing. It's so diverse, not always perfect, but more and more it's so full of talents, becoming close not only to critics but also to viewers. The heroes of Ukrainian films have always suffered convincingly, but now we're just learning to be ironic, first, about our own complexes. Therefore, drama is at the forefront of Ukrainian cinema, and comedies are only fighting for a place in the hearts of viewers. I'm proud that almost every European film festival doesn't do without Ukrainian films, and Kyiv is currently hosting open-air film views "Kinovernissage," which I was lucky enough to join, and every connoisseur of Ukrainian cinema has the opportunity to watch Ukrainian films every day for free and make your own impression of national cinema.


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