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Rescued bear from Lyman and russia's terror on Estonia's border: timeline and key solutions of October 6

Today is day 225 of russia's war in Ukraine: we talk about key events at the front, in the rear, and the world, and the leading solutions that bring our victory closer.

Key events

Ukrainian army's successes

🇺🇦 The Luhansk region is starting to "un-annex." The Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated six settlements in the Luhansk region.

🇺🇦 In less than a week, the Ukrainian forces cleared more than 400 square km of the Kherson region of the russian occupiers. Since October 1, 29 settlements of the Kherson region have been liberated.

📌 Ukraine's missile troops and artillery performed over 300 fire missions. Enemy losses: nine tanks, 17 armored vehicles, four Msta-S, and Msta-B large-caliber howitzers, another Akatsia self-propelled howitzer, mortar, command, and staff vehicle, Grad multiple-rocket launching system (MRLS), anti-tank missile complex, and two ammunition warehouses in Bashtanka and Beryslav districts.

📌 According to British intelligence, the russian army has problems near Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region: the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south advanced the front by 20 km. The russian army is retreating, and it is increasingly difficult for them to replenish their supplies.

📌 The rats from the south and east have started to run away. Amid the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kherson region, the Crimeans who had previously arrived to help establish the russian "authority" began to leave the Kherson region. Active supporters of the "Luhansk People's Republic" began to evacuate from Svatove in the Luhansk region.

📌 As the American Institute for the Study of War points out, the russians could not hold the banks of the Oskil and Siverskyi Donets rivers and use them as natural borders to prevent the advance of Ukrainian forces into vulnerable areas of Ukraine's east occupied by russia.

📌 The Wall Street Journal estimated that during the counteroffensive in the east, the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured:

  • 460 tanks,
  • 92 self-propelled howitzers,
  • 448 infantry fighting vehicles,
  • 195 armored fighting vehicles,
  • 44 MRL systems.
  • But the actual numbers are much higher.

📌 Ukraine's air defense destroyed two Orlan-10 drones in the area of ​​Bruskinske in the Beryslav district. Also, nine more Iranian kamikaze drones were shot down.

225 день війни

Consequences of the morning strike on the boarding school building in Kherson

📌 In the morning, the explosion was in occupied Kherson. The strike was made on the boarding school building. Many russian soldiers were based there. There are also new strikes on the Antonivka bridge and a hit on the deployment of the russian troops in the Ukretelecom building.

📌 On the Mykolaiv-Kherson direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces bought an infantry fighting vehicle, BMP-1, from the russian occupiers. Three russians surrendered together with the equipment. Earlier, the  Mykolayiv governor Kim talked about the Tiger armored vehicle, which was bought from the russians for $5,000. We will remind you that in April, Ukraine's MPs supported the law, which established the rewards to the russians for transferring military equipment of the russian forces to the Ukrainian troops during the surrender.

russia's crimes

Ракетний обстріл Запоріжжя

Consequences of russian shelling in Zaporizhzhia

📌 At night, the russian federation fired seven rockets at high-rise buildings in Zaporizhzhia. People who were sleeping got under the rubble—four dead and seven wounded people, including a 3-year-old girl. The State Emergency Service rescued twenty-one people. Rescue operations continue.

In the first half of the day, there were new strikes on Zaporizhzhia from the S-300 air defense system. The blow fell on the city center and city infrastructure.

📌 Around 6:00 a.m., the russians fired two rockets from the territory of Belarus at the Shepetivka district of the Khmelnytskyi region. One rocket fell next to an infrastructure object, and the other fell on a wasteland. Damage to surrounding buildings was recorded, and there were no casualties.

📌 The russians struck Kharkiv again at night. Several blows fell on industrial facilities in the city's Osnovianskyi district. Fires broke out, and non-residential buildings were partially destroyed. The russians used kamikaze drones.

The Kupiansk (3 people were injured) and Vovchansk districts, as well as settlements in the Bohodukhiv and Kharkiv districts, were shelled across the region.

📌 The russian occupiers shelled the Nikopol district (Dnipropetrovsk region) all night long with rocket launchers and heavy artillery. Ten private houses, an enterprise, and power lines were damaged.

📌 On October 5, the russians killed four civilians in the Donetsk region—three in Torske and one in Zarichne. In addition, ten more civilians killed by the russians during the occupation were found in newly liberated cities: five in Sviatohirsk and five in Lyman. Three more people were injured yesterday.

225 день війни

Exhumation of Ukrainians tortured by the russians in the Kharkiv region

📌 The victims' bodies were found at a recreation center in the village of Novoplatonivka, Boriova territorial community (Kharkiv region). The police discovered the bodies of two civilian men with signs of torture. Their hands were handcuffed. The victims also had gunshot wounds to the head.

In total, the police of the Kharkiv region found the bodies of 534 civilians in the liberated territories of the region. The figure was announced taking into account 447 bodies from the mass burial site in Izium.

📌 In liberated Lyman (Donetsk region), law enforcement found a cemetery where more than 50 civilians are buried.

📌 The Ukrainian personnel of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) is threatened that they could be forced to fight for the russian federation if they do not sign the documents on their transfer to work at the russian ROSATOM.

📌 The russians kidnapped Ukrainian refugees who were in front of the southeastern border of Estonia and were standing in line to escape from the russian federation. More than a thousand people were taken by trucks to an unknown destination.

Life amid war

📌 IP-telephony developers Unitalk launched the Call Yours platform for Ukrainians, with which you can call relatives for free from the temporarily occupied territory. You can contact your relatives, even if they have no Internet or a "push-button" phone. But no more than two calls per day and lasting up to 15 minutes for one subscriber. To make a call, you need to go to the Call Yours platform, enter your phone number and press the "connect" button.

📌 Poet Marianna Kiianovska received one of the most prestigious poetry prizes in the world—the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award for the poetry collection Babyn Yar. Voices.

225 день війни

📌 Tesla appeared at an exhibition of destroyed military equipment in Kyiv. ⬆️

Solutions to win 

Foreign partners' support

💡 The European Union approved the eighth sanctions package against russia. The new package laid the foundation for the legislative framework to implement the G7 oil price cap.

💡 The Czech Republic approved a new military aid package to Ukraine, including heavy equipment. Details are withheld for security reasons.

💡 The USA will provide Ukraine with $55 million to prepare for winter. Financial assistance will be directed to repairs and maintenance of pipes and heating equipment.

💡 Spain sent a batch of ambulances and SUVs to Ukraine with another 5 tons of medical supplies.

💡 Germany handed over Bergepanzer 2 armored repair and evacuation vehicles to Ukraine. Currently, the Ukrainian military already has five such cars in service.

💡 Berlin will hand over 500 used bicycles to Ukraine for doctors, social workers, and volunteers in the de-occupied territories. With the 2,000 bicycles that Amsterdam will hand over, Ukraine will get 2,500,000.

голова оборонного комітету Бундестагу у Києві

💡 Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman, head of the Bundestag defense committee, arrived in Kyiv today. She repeatedly called on the German government to hand over Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

💡 IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi is also on his way to Kyiv. He will continue consultations on nuclear safety and the safety of the ZNPP.

💡 7 water trucks for transporting drinking water from production to distribution points were handed over to Mykolaiv by the International Committee of the Red Cross Society.

💡 Ukrzaliznytsia received 154 electric water heaters from the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, which will be distributed to the needs of 79 stations across the country, including stations that are close to the war zone.

💡 Officially: the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Finland will help restore the Luhansk region.

Ukrainians, let's unite! 

225 день війни

💡 A family of blacksmiths from the village of Zhabelivka of the Voronivka community in the Vinnytsia region handed over 20,000 metal staples for strengthening the blindages to the defenders. Since March, Roman and Dina Trynos (pictured above) have been making them. They will continue to work as long as it is needed.

225 день війни

💡 In the Kirovohrad region, thanks to the All-Ukrainian project Gardens of Victory, the vegetable harvest increased by 30% compared to last year. Dry soups and borschts are made from grown vegetables and sent to the Ukrainian military. ⬆️

225 день війни

Social cafe in Dnipro

💡 A social restaurant was opened in Dnipro. A hundred people are fed here every day. During the full-scale war, benefactors prepared approximately 15,000 portions.

💡 A psychological rehabilitation department for soldiers was opened in Ivano-Frankivsk. 70-80 soldiers are almost constantly undergoing rehabilitation at the mental health center.

У Лимані врятували ведмедя

The bear was shell-shocked by a projectile that hit the house where he was staying

💡 In the liberated Lyman, a bear was rescued from the destroyed zoo. After the occupation, the animal is in terrible condition. Soon he will go to the rehabilitation center for wild animals in the Khmelnytskyi region.

Браслети зі сталі з

💡 Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched the sale of bracelets made from the last pre-war batch of the steel smelted at Mariupol's Azovstal steelworks (pictured above). The profit will be spent on drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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