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Timeline: day 190 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression

Today is September 1. russia's military attack on Ukraine has been going on for 190 days. We're reporting on the current news. The article will be updated.

What about today?

Key points

Today is September 1, Knowledge Day, and the first day of school for our schoolchildren and students. This year, 379 children who the occupiers killed will not go to school. Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the russian occupiers have killed 379 and wounded 735 children. The aggressor country purposefully conducts terror against Ukrainian schools—more than 2,400 educational institutions have been destroyed.

190 день війни

"Everyone starts this school year differently. Someone is far from home—in other regions of Ukraine. Someone is far from home—in other countries. Someone is studying remotely, in an online format. Someone is at their home school or their university, but still not at peace," President Zelensky said in his video message. "However, it is important that the school year begins. It is important that learning continues. And that knowledge about Ukraine is not interrupted."

Втрати окупанта 190 день війни

The struggle of Ukrainians for their freedom is not interrupted. The daily report on russia's losses from Ukraine's General Staff demonstrates it. The Ukrainian forces did and are doing everything to give our children the opportunity to live and study in Ukraine.

On the last day of summer, the Ukrainian forces collected an excellent "harvest" in the south of Ukraine. In particular, russia's losses are 201 russian soldiers, six enemy ammunition depots, command posts, 12 tanks, and many heavy weapons.

In the Kharkiv region, our soldiers destroyed the russian Akatsiya artillery system with four invaders and ammunition.

Also, Ukrainian troops eliminated six enemy ammunition depots in the Berislav, Henichesk, and Kherson districts and the command posts of the 331st Parachute Airborne and 56th Airborne Assault Regiments.

Counterattack is not a quick process. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) says it can take months. The Ukrainian forces use this time to destroy vulnerable areas along the front line, preventing the destruction of cities and villages. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive on time when russian forces started degrading. It's observed in the west of the Kherson region. Experts emphasize that military actions on the scale of this counteroffensive will not be crowned with success or failure in a day or a week. At the same time, Ukraine had been creating conditions for several months to start significant battles.

The US believes russia is facing a "serious" shortage of military personnel in Ukraine and is looking for new ways to increase the size of its troops. Officials said that the United States has "reliable information" that the russian defense ministry is "likely to begin" recruiting convicted criminals in Ukraine "in exchange for a pardon and financial compensation."

By the end of the year, the russian federation will almost run out of shells, artillery, and armored vehicles, The Insider writes. "If the intensity of the war is maintained at the current level, Moscow will face a real ammunition famine by the end of 2022 and will be forced to reduce the use of artillery to save money."

Atomic objects

In the morning, the russian army shelled the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The fifth power unit is not working.

In addition, the russians are shelling the pre-agreed route of the IAEA mission from Zaporizhzhia to the ZNPP. The group cannot continue the movement "for security reasons," Starukh, Zaporizhzhia region governor, said. Ukraine demands that the russian federation "stop provocations."

9:30 — the IAEA mission left Zaporizhzhia for Enerhodar, despite shelling of the city, Reuters reported. "There has been an increased military activity in the area. Having come so far, we are not stopping," Grossi said, stressing that the mission was aware of "increased military activity in the area" but plans to continue the mission to the facility and meet with station personnel.

Who's coming to Ukraine?

On financial and information aid, weapons, and politicians

The Pentagon announced that Raytheon Missiles & Defense would supply Ukraine with two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems, training, and logistical support for the Ukrainian military and security forces. NASAMS is a medium to long-range air defense system that can shoot down aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles such as Iskander and Tochka-U. This system is used by more than ten countries worldwide, and the United States adopted it as one of the White House protection types.

However, you have to be patient; the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems have not yet been produced, Pentagon official Patrick Ryder said. According to him, the systems will be delivered to Ukraine after the contract for their production is fulfilled.

190 день війни

Now Ukrainian soldiers do not stop enjoying the advantages of Krab self-propelled guns. Gunners are delighted with this weaponry because everything in it is fully automated. The gun's maximum fire rate is six shots per minute. In combat conditions, the soldiers managed to fire four shots in 60 seconds.

For refugees and IDPs

91% of Ukrainian refugees plan to return home. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center. 36% of respondents expressed their intention to return after ensuring that staying in the area where they lived was safe. 35% want to return immediately after the end of the war. 13% say they'll return a year or several years after the end of the war. 7% say after the company they worked for resume operation, or they will be sure to find another job at home.

News from partners

The United States has received a warrant for the arrest of a Boeing 737-7EM aircraft belonging to Lukoil, a russian multinational oil and gas corporation. Its value is approximately 45 million dollars

Sanctions against the aggressor!

The chief diplomat of the EU explained the consequences of the cancellation of the simplified visa regime with russia, which has been in effect since 2007. According to Borrell, from now on, the procedure for issuing visas to russians will be more complicated and will take longer. The key is that it will significantly reduce the number of new visas issued and hinder the russians' favorite strategy — "visa shopping." On the unpleasant side, the issuance of visas to russians on an individual basis will continue since the EU does not want to cut itself off from those russians who oppose the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs hinted that a visa would not guarantee russians a pass to EU countries. What to do with millions of russians who already have visas has not yet been thought of. The European Commission will be included in the dialogue about this.

Estonia plans to ban entry for most russians. They want to restrict the access of russian citizens regardless of who issued them Schengen visas. Decisions can be made in a few weeks.

The United States has restricted the sale of several chips to russia and China, The New York Times reported. According to its data, graphics processor makers, Nvidia and AMD said the government now requires export licenses to sell two types of high-performance chips used in server systems. The new requirement is expected to limit the use of semiconductors for military purposes by China and russia.

In addition, the G7 countries are expected to agree on a plan to cap russian oil prices this week, but it is not yet known what price they propose to implement. The US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, said that "significant progress" had been achieved in this matter, but she did not give details.

Volodymyr Zelensky called on the EU countries to introduce sanctions against Rosatom and block the work of all russian banks.

Life considering hostilities

Український бренд StillAlive випустив патріотичні кросівки

Ukrainian brand StillAlive released patriotic sneakers. One of the models was created in honor of the "ghost of Kyiv," and the other was in a military style.


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