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Timeline: day 13 of Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression

Today, March 8, and for the 13th day in a row, Russia's military attack on Ukraine continues. We're telling about all the current news. The article will be constantly updated.

What is today?

Key points.

Promptly from the General Staff.

Enemy losses:

  • personnel – more than 12,000 people,
  • tanks – 303 units,
  • armored combat vehicles – 1036 units,
  • artillery systems – 120 units,
  • missile systems of volley fire – 56 units,
  • air defense means – 27 units,
  • aircraft – 48 units,
  • helicopters – 80 units,
  • automotive equipment – 474 units,
  • ships/boats – 3 units,
  • fuel tanks – 60,
  • UAVs – 7.

The Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports on the successes in the air confrontation. Dozens of the occupier's cruise and ballistic missiles, 52 fighter jets, 69 helicopters, and other small targets were shot down.

Хроніка подій: тринадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov would take place on March 10.

During martial law, conscripts will receive an additional 30,000 hryvnias a month, according to the Ministry of Defense.

The OSCE Mission is leaving us. It was informed about the shelling of the office of the Special Monitoring Mission in Mariupol and now the head of the Mission will leave Ukraine.

The OSCE Mission is leaving Ukraine because the organization's primary task is to conduct peacekeeping operations. In Ukraine, on the other hand, a large-scale invasion has been going on since February 24, and all settlements of the state remain under threat.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine congratulates Ukrainian women on the holiday:

Хроніка подій: тринадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

The Russian Federation will not be limited to Ukraine. For the leadership of the Russian Federation, the aggressive offensive on Ukrainian territory is just the beginning, so the no-fly zone is important. This conviction was expressed by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with the American publication ABC.

The occupiers are firing on and holding foreign journalists hostage, the Ministry of Defense reports. The invaders are holding foreign journalists, British citizens, hostage; they captured media workers in the town of Stoianka-2 (near Irpin), said Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov.

Journalists from Britain and Switzerland were injured. Earlier, a film crew of the SkyNews TV channel came under targeted attack by the invaders near Kyiv.

From the statement of Oleksii Arestovych: because the occupiers are not successful on the ground and in the air, they abandoned their forces to conduct information and psychological special operations among the Ukrainian population. Therefore, for several days in a row, you and I hear about the mythical seizures of cities, danger, mass strikes, and so on. The enemy does this to reduce our psychological readiness for resistance.

And the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksii Danilov addressed international partners and NATO and asked for combat aircraft and air defense equipment if they cannot cover the skies over Ukraine.

Ukraine expects to join the European energy system ENTSO-E within a week. This was stated by Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reports. As he noted, the synchronization process is in its final stages.

From February 24 to March 8, investigators of the National Police of Ukraine opened 1,135 criminal proceedings on the facts of crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine by the military of the Russian Armed Forces. Most of them are for violating the laws and customs of war, encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, and sabotaging.

The UN has banned its staff from calling the situation in Ukraine a war or an invasion instead advising to use the terms "conflict" or "military offensive." Employees are also not allowed to spread the Ukrainian flag on social media. The organization explains this decision by the fact that its employees must be impartial. The UN says they are afraid of reputational risk.

UPD: The UN later denied that its staff had been ordered not to use the word "war" or "invasion" about Russia's attack on Ukraine. But it is possible that one of the heads of departments may have sent a letter with such instructions.

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine leaves the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO), where the electoral bodies of Russia and Belarus remain. This was announced by the CEC in a statement on withdrawal from the Association, published on Facebook.

And Davyd Arakhamia said that the Ukroboronprom state concern is ready to pay a prize of $1,000,000 for a hijacked or trophy plane. The $500,000 program for a hijacked helicopter in operation is also ongoing.

The situation with the Ukrainian atom remains tense. Oleh Korikov, head of the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, said that Ukraine's nuclear facilities were still under the highest threat due to the actions of the Russian occupiers. According to him, there's no talk about any results of diplomatic efforts of the IAEA and other international organizations to improve the situation, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

But we will definitely survive! And the captured Russian military will work to restore Ukraine's economy. This was stated by First Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin on Ukrainian TV channels. He noted that caring for prisoners of war would not be a burden on the Ukrainian economy.

"We will not give up and we will not lose, we will go to the end; we will fight at sea, fight in the air. Protect our land, no matter what the price. We will not give up fighting in forests, fields, cities, and villages, on coasts and hills, in heaps, on the banks of the Kalmius and the Dnieper," Zelensky told the British Parliament.

After Zelenskyy's speech, one of the members of the British Parliament proposed to award him the Knight's Order of the British Empire.

Talks between Kuleba and Lavrov will take place in Antalya the day after tomorrow.

And in Ukraine late in the evening it became known that the occupiers are once again announcing a "humanitarian corridor" on March 9 to evacuate the population of Ukrainian cities, in particular, offer Kyiv residents through Belarus to evacuate by plane to Russia. Russia also offers Ukraine to agree on the routes and opening hours of humanitarian corridors and notify representatives of foreign embassies, the UN, the OSCE, and the Red Cross by 02:00 in Kyiv on March 9. After yesterday's and today's shelling of the "green corridors," it is difficult for the occupier.

But this evacuation should be trusted: The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine informs: We are launching free passenger river voyages from the port of Izmail to the port of Tulcea in Romania. Starting tomorrow, March 9, the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company will start regular free passenger transportation on the route Izmail (Ukraine) – Tulcea (Romania). Women, children, and men over the age of 60 wishing to travel to Romania will be able to use the evacuation getaway.

Departure will take place from the berths of the sea station in Izmail 2 times a day. Flight schedule:

▪ boarding (Izmail) – 08:00, arrival (Tulcea) – 10:30

▪ boarding (Izmail) – 14:00, arrival (Tulcea) – 15:30

Life considering hostilities

Taking into account the fighting: the Ministry of Agrarian Policy explained that the sowing campaign will begin where possible.

Only to the transport infrastructure alone, the Russian war against Ukraine has caused at least $10 billion in damage, according to Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov. The ministry estimates that most of the facilities will be restored in a year, the most complex and largest one will be restored in two years.

Good news from our Paralympians: Ukraine won nine medals on the fourth day of the 2022 Paralympics! Ukrainians won two gold medals, four silver medals, and three bronze medals!

In total Ukraine has 17 medals following the results of four days of the Paralympics: 6 gold, 7 silver, and 4 bronze. This allows Ukraine to remain in second place in the medal standings.

Realities of wartime: The Cabinet of Ministers allowed to marry a serviceman without his personal presence. Does anyone know if the Ghost of Kyiv is already married?

"All my fee, which I earned at the tournament, $20,000 and $80,000 will be spent on the purchase of armor, helmets, thermal imagers, quadcopters," promised and confirmed, and Oleksii Novikov, an athlete of the Federation of Sports of Ukraine. Oleksii Novikov took 2nd place at the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger classic weekend (strongman) tournament. We are proud of you, Oleksii!

State Special Communications Service: Almost 7,000 women servicemen of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today defend their homeland from occupiers. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of our land, 13 defenders have died.

Privatbank allowed Ukrainians to pay abroad in any currency without restrictions.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine wants to cancel the State Final Attestation (STA), the External Independent Assessment (EIE), the Unified Entrance Examination (UEE), and the Unified Professional Entrance Examination (UPEE) in 2022. This was announced by the Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet. At the same time, the ministry has not yet announced an alternative criterion for admission to universities.

Ukrposhta has chosen TOP-20 sketches for the "Russian warship, go f*ck yourself" stamp. The choice was not easy, as Ukrposhta received almost 500 letters with sketches for postage stamps as part of the announced competition. The choice is top! Now we love our mail even more.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will be able to remotely adopt draft laws important to Ukraine during martial law. Currently, Draft Law 7129 "On Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Concerning Remote Sessions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" has been registered.

Who's come to Ukraine? 

About financial aid, weapons, and volunteer fighters

The World Bank Board has decided to support Ukraine in the amount of $723 million.

Our peacekeepers are also returning home. Zelenskyy signed a decree recalling all Ukrainian peacekeepers from all countries. Now the military must return and join the defense of Ukraine.

Joan Rowling donated £1,000,000 to Ukrainian children. Thank you!

Juris Juraš, the current Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Seimas and the leader of the ruling faction of the Conservative Party of Latvia, came to Ukraine to join the Legion and defend Ukraine from the occupier.

Luxembourg provided assistance to Ukraine.

As part of a nationwide campaign, the Netherlands raised more than 100 million euros for the victims of the war in Ukraine. Fundraising was organized by 11 humanitarian organizations, opening a special account. The money will be used to provide housing, medical care, and drinking water to people affected by the Russian military. The Dutch government has also promised to add another 15 million euros, in addition to the already announced 24.5 million euros.

Another batch of NLAW grenade launchers and Javelin anti-tank missiles is already in the Ukrainian military. The Russian occupier and his equipment will be destroyed.

An intergovernmental agreement in the form of an exchange of notes was signed today between Ukraine and Japan to provide Ukraine with protective equipment for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, for free. Namely, bulletproof vests, helmets, tents, winter clothes, medicines, generators, cameras, various tools for use in emergencies. Such an act took place for the first time in the history of Japan. This was announced by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Japan, Serhii Korsunskyi.

Former Minister of Defense of Georgia Irakli Okruashvili is in Ukraine together with Georgian volunteers!

Ukrainian men continue to come from abroad to defend the Motherland. In total, 167,000 of our compatriots returned to Ukraine during the 12 days of the war in the western parts of the border, about 80% of whom are men.

Russian lies 

Хроніка подій: тринадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

Lying Russian propaganda has already reached the whole world. US MP demands that Lavrov stop lying! Ned Price reacted with indignation to the Russian Foreign Ministry's tweet and Lavrov's quote that "the goal of Russia's special military operation is to stop any war that could take place on Ukrainian territory or that could start from there."

For the same reason, 18 more Russian TV channels were banned from broadcasting in Latvia.

And the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko suggested to all colleagues, ministers from EU countries to turn off Russian and turn on Ukrainian TV channels.

Slip-up of the aggressors' propaganda: "One of the tasks is to reach Kryvyi Hrob (translation "crooked tomb"; occupiers missaid the name of Kryvyi Rih City). We think that there will be no problems with this in Russia.

More nice and various sanctions!

Bloomberg reports that Russia ranked first in the world in the number of sanctions imposed on the country. And even overtook Iran and North Korea.

And this is in just 12 days. An unsurpassed achievement.

Australia has imposed restrictions against the Russian Armed Forces, high-ranking Russian servicemen, and several people who are "of strategic interest to Russia."

Canada has announced sanctions against Russian media and some Russian officials.

Japan has imposed sanctions on citizens and companies in Russia and Belarus, including Putin's spokesperson Peskov, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, oligarchs Rothenberg, Timchenko, and Usmanov. Japan has also banned the supply of oil refining equipment to Russia.

IBM has suspended the sale of technology in Russia.

Depositphotos closes access for customers from Russia and Belarus. The day before, the service sent users from these countries an e-mail with the truth about the war in Ukraine and a call to join the anti-war protests.

The German chain of construction and household goods stores OBI leaves Russia. In Russia, the network has 27 branches. The company announced that it "sees no other possibility" because of the tragic events in Ukraine.

Oil and gas giant Shell is completely stopping buying oil from Russia on the spot market and is also working to completely exclude Russian oil from supplies. Shell not only refuses to buy Russian oil and gas but also close all gas stations in Russia.

KFC and Pizza Hut have said they are suspending investment and development in Russia and redirecting the proceeds to charity.

Ferrari has decided to suspend the production of cars for Russians.

The United States has banned the import of Russian oil and gas from Russia, Joe Biden announced. The EU is also refusing the occupiers' fuel and promises to connect Ukraine to its grid.

L'Etoile temporarily closes all its stores in Russia and stops online shopping. The number of stores in Russia is more than 900, and the number of employees is 12,000.

McDonald's is finally waving a pen at the Russians. This means that 850 restaurants will be closed and about 62,000 workers will lose their jobs in the coming days. Plus, a few plants that worked only on this network. And all logistics. That's tens of thousands more. Bon appetite!

UPD: after the news of McDonald's closing, people lined up in front of restaurants. After 34 years of McDonald's presence in Russia, the circle closed.

Lamborghini, following Ferrari, is breaking off business relations with Russia.

The Russian national football team has been excluded from the 2022 World Cup playoffs. This was reported by FIFA.

What's happening in Russia?

YouTube blocked the channel of Russian propagandist Solovyov.

A team of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny is urging Russian women to go to anti-war rallies in their cities on March 8.

In St. Petersburg, not indifferent began to beat drivers who paste fascist Z-signs on their cars.

Russia is threatening Europe to cut off gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 in response to the shutdown of Nord Stream-2. The networks are interested in: What will you earn for a living, Russians?

Russia's default may occur on April 15, Morgan Stanley reports.


What about Belarusians?

The EU considers the Lukashenko regime a co-aggressor in Russia's war against Ukraine

This was stated in a statement by the EU during a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council.

"Russia, with the participation of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus as a co-aggressor, is fully responsible for human casualties, injuries, and destruction," the statement said.

Fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych addressed Zelenskyy: "Personally, you have an obligation to stop the bloodshed and reach a peace agreement." According to intelligence, Yanukovych is being taken to Minsk during Ukrainian-Russian talks, and the Kremlin wants to make him "president of Ukraine."

11:25 (Minsk time) in Gomel near the railway station "Gomel-Odd" the echelon with the equipment of airborne troops of the Russian Federation is noticed. The full-scale participation of the Belarusian military in the war against Ukraine is still probable, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

Partners' news

Lithuania has supported the creation of a special tribunal against Russian aggressors, such as Nuremberg after World War II.

A rabid Russian bear has been attacked from behind: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called the southern part of the Kuril Islands Japan's native territories during a speech in the parliament on March 7.

Kyiv and region

The night was peaceful in Kyiv: the whole infrastructure and medical industry are working.

The Humanitarian Headquarters continues to work. Now it needs logistics partners and drivers with their vehicles with a capacity of 1 ton. The city urges everyone who has such an opportunity to respond.

In the Bucha district in the Kyiv region, the enemy tried to move on, but suffered significant losses in equipment and manpower, lost some of its offensive potential, and was stopped.

Meanwhile, a real humanitarian catastrophe is taking place in Bucha, Kyiv region. There, Russian troops do not even allow people to bury the dead. According to the mayor Anatolii Fedoruk, the residents were taken hostage, the occupiers did not let them out: "Dogs actually stretch the bodies of the dead. This is a terrible situation."

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warns Kyiv residents about another fake: information is spreading in networks that delays in logistics stop the supply of chlorine to the capital's Vodokanal, and this allegedly leads to deteriorating drinking water.

This is not true! Kyivvodokanal has sufficient stocks of reagents for water disinfection in accordance with sanitary requirements. In addition, 40% of water in Kyiv is disinfected without the use of chlorine, more modern reagents.

We emphasize once again: use the information only from official sources. In this case, it is the website, Facebook page, and Telegram channel of the Kyiv City State Administration, as well as the website and Facebook page of Kyivvodokanal.

Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn said that he had received a message where the enemy demanded that he surrender the city. "I'm making a counter-public offer to the occupiers to leave the Irpin community within 24 hours and save the lives and health of several thousand Russian conscripts, who are awaited at home by their mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and lovers," Markushyn wrote.

Kyiv Regional State Administration reports on the most dangerous areas today:

▪️Zhytomyr route
▪️Bucha – Irpin – Hostomel
▪️North of Vyshhorod district.

Regional and local authorities are ready to evacuate people and deliver humanitarian aid to the hottest spots as soon as a full ceasefire is declared. Humanitarian aid was also sent to all 7 districts of the Kyiv region.

15:00 – SES of Ukraine reports that the evacuation from Irpшn near Kyiv is underway and currently 3,000 people have been assisted.

An up-to-date map of vending machines with free drinking water and pumping stations has been added to the Kyiv Digital application. It can also be found at the link.


Yesterday, a major general of the Russian army who took part in the second Chechen war and the Russian military operation in Syria was killed near Kharkiv.

The assassinated Vitaly Gerasimov was chief of staff and first deputy commander of the 41st Army of the Central Military District of Russia. Several senior Russian army officers were also killed and wounded.

In Kharkiv itself, they do not have time to record the colossal level of damage. Hundreds of Kharkiv's infrastructure facilities, including the central square, the regional council building, educational institutions, and residential buildings, were affected by enemy shelling. Numerous destructions and fires; among the civilian population, there are killed and wounded. Despite the difficulties, in the conditions of constant attacks of the Russian occupiers, the police of the Kharkiv region continue to serve with dignity in the 24-hour intensified regime.

An attempt by the Russian military to capture the town of Izium in the Kharkiv region failed at night, but bridges were blown up and locals need urgent humanitarian assistance.

More than 600,000 people were evacuated from Kharkiv by train, and highways were congested. This was announced by the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleh Synehubov on a joint broadcast of Ukrainian TV channels, UP reports.


In the Sumy region, four fighters of territorial defense died in an unequal battle with the enemy, the head of regional state administration reports.

There are also casualties among the civilian population: 9 people died in Sumy as a result of the airstrike, including 2 children. One woman was rescued from the rubble.

Iryna Vereshchuk stated that today a humanitarian corridor will be created for the city of Sumy. People are evacuated from there to Poltava. However, it is known that the Russians are preparing to disrupt the evacuation and will try to force people to go in an uncoordinated and dangerous way. In addition, humanitarian aid is to be delivered to Sumy today.

Shostka district: currently there are no enemy checkpoints and Russian troops in the community. The main highways in the north and south of this district are blocked. Pensions are paid in advance. Most budget institutions have already transferred funds, but there is a problem with cash. In the settlements of the community, instead of large supermarket chains, the products will be supplied by local entrepreneurs, so soon everything you need will be on the shelves.

11:30 – The number of victims of the night bombings of Sumy has increased to 21 people

The second column from Sumy with people for evacuation, which was scheduled for 13:00, could not leave. Russian tanks opened fire in the direction of the exit of Sumy. Buses from the Poltava region with Sumy residents went to the parking lot at the depot.

At the same time, another column of Russian enemy vehicles near Sumy went to the "Russian ship" permanently. And we keep the defense! Orcs have a place in hell!


In the territories of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, which are temporarily occupied by the enemy, the occupiers use units of psychological struggle to influence the local population. Up to 10 tactical groups have been set up to carry out advocacy work with the local population. In addition, the FSB is setting up task forces there to work with the population, in particular, to identify resistance.

Photo from the rally in Syvaske in support of Ukraine. It was sent to SuspilneKherson by the head of the village, Tetiana Kachuniak. Residents of Beryslav, Nyzhni Sirohozy, Oleshky, Chervona Poliana, and Novyi Hai also attended peaceful rallies.

10 trucks of humanitarian convoys from the occupiers arrived in Nova Kakhovka, Kakhovka.info reports. They are accompanied by heavy equipment.

15:00 – Protests against the Russian aggressor continue in the Kherson region and Kherson. Residents of Kherson stand under Ukrainian flags and chant "Kherson is Ukraine!" The participants of the action announced that they would walk the streets of the city. They are supported by signals of cars passing through the city.

Khersonoblenergo begins work to restore the electricity supply in the village of Antonivka. The works will be attempted today, the Kherson City Council reports.


In the Pivdennyi Buh operational area, the enemy has been stopped on approaches to Mykolaiv, carries out a regrouping of troops for resumption of the offensive.

Great news! The Head of the Mykolaiv regional state administration, Vitalii Kim, reported that they had received replenishment and military equipment and had already prepared an offensive.

Dnipropetrovsk region

"Dnipropetrovsk region is completely safe today. So you can stay. But if you want to leave, please, trains are on schedule, roads are open," said the Head of the regional council, Mykola Lukashuk, at a briefing on March 8.


In Odesa, a volunteer humanitarian center is collecting aid for the military and medics. On the basis of the Odesa food market, activists have set up a humanitarian center, where they are accumulating humanitarian and military aid for territorial defense, units of the Armed Forces, and doctors. Here they receive, sort and send as needed medicines, power banks, warm clothes, sleeping bags, hygiene products, and more.

If you are in Odesa and want to help, come to the Odesa Food Market (on the corner of Hretska and Rishelievska Street).

Donetsk region

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports on the catastrophic consequences of the blockade imposed by the Russian invaders of Mariupol: the city is without light, heat, water, and communication; residents are preparing food on fires; all areas suffer from enemy fire; the bodies of the dead are buried directly in the yards of the residential sector.

But fighting for the city continues. With incredible efforts, the Ukrainian military is stopping the enemy's attempts to break through.

Humanitarian cargo has left Zaporizhzhia for Mariupol, but the Russians are shelling the route along which it is moving. If the shelling continues, Ukraine will immediately turn to an international tribunal.

Warning! 12:54 – The Russian occupiers began firing on the green corridor from Mariupol. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Soldiers of the Azov Regiment, defending Mariupol, conducted an effective counteroffensive operation and defeated units of the 102nd Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the Southern Military District, based in Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast.

Kuleba called on the international community to put pressure on Russia to ensure the exit of the civilian population from the besieged Mariupol because they actually took hostage 300 thousand inhabitants of the city.

Zaporizhzhia and region

The occupiers seized the Azov Wave radio station in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia region. There, they will spread propaganda and anti-Ukrainian narratives.

Zhytomyr region

Malyn, Zhytomyr Region. As a result of the airstrikes, the enemies "demilitarized" the premises of the joint military commissariat, damaged the Holy Intercession Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the bridge over the Irsha River.


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