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What to do on March 8: 12 ideas for a date with yourself

A trip to the museum, gifts to yourself, and a hot bath: we created a plan for the perfect day

Today, "the best gifts for beautiful ladies" ads are all over the media, flower shops are clearing spots for tulip buckets, HR services of enterprises and organizations are studying price-lists for candies and cakes, women are making appointments for hairdressers, and men are usually puzzled about how to please everyone with gifts.

One can't escape the truth. Although the idea of this significant day is to unite women around the world to end inequality and oppression once and for all, for many, celebrating March 8 is associated primarily with another weekend and mandatory congratulations of a "beautiful half" of humanity. Despite the true spirit of March 8, they wish women to "remain just as beautiful and feminine, be guardians and inspiration, beautiful mothers and wives, warm others with their warmth, smile, love and be loved."

8 березня

This flurry of congratulations takes place once a year, and it may seem that everything suits everyone; according to opinion polls, most men consider the holiday of March 8 a good (even formal) occasion to please their loved ones; the same, in turn, is expected from men: flowers, gifts, and kind words.

But in fact, many women have long since overcome outdated stereotypes. Instead of waiting for tulips from men in honor of the "holiday of spring," they buy their own bouquets, and instead of the words of "femininity, charm, and beauty" would prefer to hear about their own strength and determination. March 8 is a day for women, for equality of rights and opportunities, and a wonderful occasion to remind yourself that you can make yourself happy every day.

What to do on March 8? You can go to the Women's March, you can spend it with women, important to you, and you can spend it with the most important woman in your life — yourself. We gathered 12 ideas for a perfect date with yourself on March 8.

Here are 12 new ideas for a date with yourself on March 8.

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