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Timeline: day 100 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression

Today is June 3. russia's military attack on Ukraine has been going on for a hundred days. We're reporting on the current news. The article will be updated.

What about today?

Key points

Today is exactly one hundred days since putin "captured Kyiv in two days." It's now clear to everyone that the fighting will not end quickly. But during 100 days, Ukraine has proved to itself and the entire world that it wants and knows how to defend its freedom. Our main strength is unity. As long as we are all together, we cannot be defeated.

The enemy hasn't been defeated or overthrown yet. So let's gather strength and continue our marathon to Victory. With faith in the Ukrainian army!

The East operational and tactical grouping reports on the area of ​​responsibility. Yesterday Ukraine's artillery destroyed the command and observation post of the russian forces. Enemy losses are:

  • personnel – 32;
  • tanks – 2;
  • IFV – 1;
  • APC – 1;
  • artillery systems – 2;
  • mortars – 1;
  • UAV – 1.

Ukrainian Joint Forces defenders repulsed five enemy attacks. Fighting is still going on at 2 locations. During the past 24hrs, the Joint Forces destroyed:

  • five tanks;
  • three artillery systems;
  • two armored combat vehicles.

Air defense units shot down three Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles in the skies of the Ukrainian Donbas.

In the south of Ukraine, the enemy lost units of equipment. The South Operational Command reported. Enemy losses per day were:

  • 24 russian soldiers;
  • four 152-mm Msta-B howitzers;
  • four armored and motor vehicles;
  • one T-72 tank.

During russia's attempt to carry out air reconnaissance in the Mykolaiv region, the Ukrainian troops shot down another Orlan-10.

The United States has confirmed that modern HIMARS missile systems are being sent to our country. These weapons will help save the lives of our people and protect our land. "I'm grateful to President Biden, all our American friends, and the people of the United States for their support. We look forward to it. We are working to bring the supply of modern combat systems to a much higher level," said President Zelensky.

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

As a result of russia's armed aggression in Ukraine, more than 724 children were injured. As of June 3, 2022, the number of child victims was 261. Four hundred sixty-three children were wounded. These figures are not final, as work is underway to establish them in places of active hostilities, in the temporarily occupied and liberated territories. One thousand nine hundred thirty-eight schools were damaged by constant bombing and shelling. One hundred eighty-two of them were destroyed.

Ukraine's talks with russia

A meeting between the russian and Ukrainian delegations will be held in Istanbul shortly with the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations to create a "grain corridor" road map from Ukrainian ports. As part of this initiative, about 20 million tons of grain are to be exported to world markets. The meeting plans to discuss the route, insurance, ship security, demining of ports, and the command center composition for this operation. The Turkish news agency Anadolu reports.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's embassy in Beirut said russia had already sent about 100,000 tons of grain stolen from Ukraine to its ally Syria.

NATO Secretary-General meets with Joe Biden. After the meeting, he expressed confidence that the war in Ukraine would end at the negotiating table. "President putin wanted less NATO and therefore invaded Ukraine, but he gets more," Stoltenberg told reporters after the meeting. He added that a war of attrition had begun. Ukrainians "are paying a heavy price to defend their country on the battlefield, but russia is also suffering heavy losses."

Who's coming to Ukraine?

On financial and information aid, weapons and politicians

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

The United Kingdom continues to supply Ukraine with military equipment and weapons. Among other weapons, they handed over Wolfhound armored vehicles to our country. Ukraine will use this equipment to transport personnel, ammunition, and other essential goods. Ukrainian defenders have already begun to master British armored tactical support vehicles. For now, they are being tested on training grounds, but soon the "Wolfs" will go to the front.

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

The Czech Republic has handed over to Ukraine two temporary bridges, used to ensure the passage of civilian transport after emergencies, the Czech embassy said. Two bridges are transported by twenty cars.

The country has provided $152 million in security assistance since February 24. The Czech Republic also handed over fire support helicopters, tanks, and missile systems to Ukraine.

News from partners

OPEC+ countries have agreed to increase oil production to compensate for falling output in russia: up to 648 thousand barrels per day in July-August. The initial plan was to produce 432 thousand barrels per day until September. Now the price of oil will gradually go down. russian production fell by about 1 million barrels per day due to sanctions. Although the impact of sanctions will be felt only next year, the main thing for the world now is to lower the price below $80-90. Lower prices mean saving the West from inflation. The cost of gas is also tied to oil prices.

British intelligence sums up the 100 days of the war and states that none of russia's strategic goals have been achieved compared to russia's original plan. For russia to achieve any success, it will take constant significant investments and, apparently, considerable time.

Sanctions on the aggressor!

The US Department of Commerce has expanded export sanctions on russia. The new restrictions included 70 russian organizations, including Ak Bars Holding Company, Rubin Joint-Stock Company, Gazprom-Nafta Shelf, Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Yakovlev Design Bureau, and Voentelecom.

Representatives of russian companies subject to sanctions can no longer visit the European Parliament, said its chairman, Roberta Metsola.

The American technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) leaves russia and Belarus entirely.

Kyiv and the region

Kasia Strek/Panos Pictures for The Washington Post

More than $135 million worth of equipment was stolen from the Chornobyl nuclear power plant by the russians. It was reported by The Washington Post. According to the publication, the items stolen by the military who seized the station were 698 computers, 344 cars, 1,500 dosimeters, and firefighting equipment. According to the head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, Yevhen Kramarenko, GPS trackers are installed on the equipment, some of which continue to transmit location data. Most of the stolen goods are located in Belarus.

Chernihiv region

On the morning of June 3, russian troops fired on the border areas of the Chernihiv region. According to the North operational command, the shelling was carried out with mortars and artillery. The village of Kamianska Sloboda came under fire. Preliminary information shows there are no casualties among the military and civilians.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

Disappointing news comes from the Luhansk region again. The ruscists continue to follow the scorched-earth policy, shelling settlements en masse and destroying everything in their path. Nine houses were damaged in the center of Sievierodonetsk; in Zolote, 6; in Toshkivka, 3. In Lysychansk, in addition to 2 high-rise buildings, a fire brigade building was destroyed. In the morning, a woman was killed in artillery shelling in the city. Mass destruction in Hirske: 16 houses were ruined.

The fighting in Sievierodonetsk continues; the russians struck an airstrike at Myrna Dolyna. In the area of ​​Metiolkino and Bilohorivka, the enemy tried to carry out assault operations, suffered losses, and retreated to previous positions. The enemy also fires in the areas of Zolote, Komyshuvakha, Mykolaivka, Bilohorivka, and Vrubivka.

The russian occupiers destroyed 60% of Lysychansk. Currently, the city has 20,000 residents. The head of the Lysychansk City Military-Civil Administration, Oleksandr Zaika, stated. "The shelling is getting heavier every day. The occupiers are constantly firing all over the city. There is no electricity, gas, telephone service, or internet in the city."

During the 100 days of the war in the Luhansk region, more than 400 km of roads, 70 schools and 50 kindergartens, 33 hospitals, and 237 outpatient clinics were destroyed. Serhii Haidai, the Luhansk Regional State Administration head, reported it.

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

The occupiers began dismantling the rubble of apartment buildings in Mariupol, where they had previously fired from tanks and filmed it on video. Yesterday 6 bodies of dead civilians were found—5 men and one woman, Mariupol mayor's adviser, Petro Andriushchenko, said. According to him, it is the first recorded and indisputable fact of killing civilians in Mariupol for video content. The corpses were immediately taken to a mass grave in the village of Vynohradne.

Kharkiv region

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

During the past 24hrs, the rescuers extinguished six fires caused by ruscist shelling in Tsyrkuny. As a result of the shelling, a granary burned down in Tsyrkuny, and a warehouse with wood burned down in Kharkiv. At 00:36 on June 3 in Kharkiv's Osnovianskyi district, a warehouse building with wood on ​​a 3000 sq.m area was burning due to the shelling.

Sumy region

russia launched a missile strike on civilian infrastructure near the village of Hudove, Shostka district. Also, the enemy fired on the areas of Bachivsk, Khodyne, and Slavhorod. Ukraine's General Staff reported the latest information as of 06:00.

Dnipropetrovsk region

The area is much calmer tonight and in the morning than the night before. However, the enemy doesn't stop shelling. The russian forces again targeted the Zelenodolsk community with enemy artillery. Fortunately, no casualties.

In Maryanke, severely damaged in the evening due to an enemy attack, specialists are working to restore gas and electricity supplies. There are wounded: a 35-years-old woman and two children of 5 and 10 years. The injuries are light. The medics provided medical care. The situation in the Kryvyi Rih district is entirely under control.

Zaporizhzhia region

The occupiers are preparing for a pseudo-referendum in Melitopol and are sending SMS to citizens. Questions asked to Melitopol residents: "Which country will Melitopol residents vote for in case of a referendum?" "Are you happy with the russian world?" etc. The official authorities of Melitopol urge them to ignore the occupiers' actions.

Kherson region

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

Leaflets in Kherson: russian soldier! We know the patrol route! Prepare to die!

Yesterday, locals spotted 40 km from Kherson, an enemy column of 27 IFV-1s. The occupiers transferred additional equipment because of systematic counterattacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The desperate attempt of the ruscists to restore the lost position in the area of ​​Mykolaivka of the Kherson area was unsuccessful.

In Kherson, the russian military captured the Epicenter and the Nova Linia construction stores. The owners have lost control over financial activities, personnel management, and operations, Epicenter K reported.

Mykolaiv region

There were shellings in the Inhulske community at night. During the day and night, the shelling continues in the Shyroke community. There is one dead and one wounded. The shelling damaged the homestead plot and destroyed the administrative service center and two residential buildings. The shelling in the Bereznehuvatske community is also ongoing.

Odesa region

Хроніка подій: 100 день оборони України від російської агресії

Fragments of an antique Soviet X-22 missile weighing about a ton were found near Odesa. Of course, this shell kills just like new models. But it is an illustration of the state of the russian rear. Missile control elements have a place in museums of electronic technology development.


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