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US allocates $8.3 mln for printing textbooks for first and second graders in Ukraine

Photo: UNIAN

The Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine, in collaboration with the US government, will supply all first—and second-grade students with their required textbooks—3.2 million copies in total. The US government has earmarked $8.3 million to produce these textbooks.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine reported that.

The Ministry of Education and Science highlights the significance of this grant in bolstering the Ukrainian education system, particularly under the current circumstances of Russian aggression. With a large portion of state funds directed towards supporting Ukrainian troops, this aid is crucial in ensuring the timely delivery of textbooks to the youngest schoolchildren. Despite the challenges faced by the printing industry due to enemy attacks, every effort will be made to provide the necessary resources.

"This support from USAID and the entire American people is more than just books. This is another manifestation of solidarity with our state, which continues the fight against evil. The enemy is consistently trying to destroy our culture, take away access to education, and cripple childhood. But he won't be able to because we are not alone in this battle," Oksen Lisovyi, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, says.

All textbooks for grades 1-2 are expected to be printed before the beginning of the new school year. The purchase of textbooks will take place according to a competitive and transparent procedure: funding for printing will be directed to those Ukrainian publishing houses that won the competition, received the seal of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and received 10,000 or more votes based on the results of the selection of general secondary education institutions.

"Kharkiv printers produce a significant percentage of all books in Ukraine, including textbooks for Ukrainian children. By striking at these printing houses, Russia is attacking the education system of Ukraine… We will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people who are defending themselves against Russia's barbaric war of aggression," Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser, says.

For reference:

According to reports, Russia carried out missile attacks on the printing facility owned by Factor-Druk on May 23, resulting in the deaths of 7 people and injuries to 22 others.

According to earlier reporting by Rubryka, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed the new educational digital project "Mriia" on the Day of Knowledge. This platform will be available for Ukrainian students, their parents, teachers, and those residing abroad.

"We will create another system—the Ukrainian "Mriia." This is a special application that will support everything related to parenting, parents, and children—services that parents need and that children need—development and education, security, and contact with the state," he said.

This aims to provide the child with their own educational space and a specialized developmental algorithm.

The application will help the child, parents, and teachers navigate the educational process and beyond more effectively. It will indicate in time what to pay attention to and what to devote more time to.

It will contain a library of content that this child needs, including information about educational programs, courses, video materials, extracurricular activities, Olympiads, and clubs.

Moreover, the "POVIR" platform was launched in Kyiv to aid students in addressing educational shortcomings and obstacles. The pilot program will continue until the end of 2024, with 2000 male and female students participating.


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