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Russian Iskander-K missiles strike Odesa, damaging warehouses of retail network

Photo: State Emergency Service

On the morning of June 24, Russian invaders attacked Odesa with Iskander-K cruise missiles. As a result of the enemy attack, there are casualties, as well as recorded damage to civilian infrastructure.

The Prosecutor's Office of Odesa reports this.

The explosions in Odesa rang out around 8 o'clock in the morning. Oleh Kiper, the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, reported that as a result of the Russian attack, civil infrastructure was hit, and the fire is being extinguished.

Photo: State Emergency Service

There are also victims who are provided with medical assistance.

As informed by the Prosecutor General's Office, Russia's attack damaged:

  • warehouses of the trading network,
  • residential buildings,
  • cars.

Photo: State Emergency Service

Rescuers reported that a fire broke out in warehouses spanning 3,000 square meters.

The extinguishing efforts included:

– Over 90 firefighters
– Approximately 20 units of State Emergency Service equipment.

The firefighters worked while under the danger of repeated shelling. The fire train from Ukrzaliznytsia was also called in to assist.

Photo: State Emergency Service

As of now, four victims are reported: a 19-year-old boy and three men, ages 50, 58, and 48. They are all in stable condition. Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov also mentioned that there were no fatalities from the early morning attack on civilian infrastructure.

In addition, psychologists of the State Emergency Service and the National Police provided assistance to 46 people.

Photo: Police of the Odesa region

As the Air Force reported, the Russian invaders attacked Odesa with two cruise missiles, probably Iskander-K.

Air defense managed to shoot down one of the missiles.

At 12:11, rescuers reported that they had extinguished a large-scale fire that was caused by a Russian attack.

Photo: Police of Odesa

For reference:

Iskander-K is a type of cruise missile that follows a predetermined flight path. Its notable characteristic is that it can maintain a minimum altitude of 6-7 meters. This missile is capable of altering its course throughout the entire duration of its flight. "Iskanders" of this kind are typically utilized within ground-based operational-tactical systems.

The Air Force of Ukraine's armed forces reported that the occupiers attacked the Odesa region with two cruise missiles, probably Iskander-K. One of the missiles did not reach its target.

Instead, Russian propagandists have already called the shelling a "strike on a warehouse with missiles", where "dozens of foreign mercenaries" were allegedly hit. In this way, the Russian Federation has repeatedly tried to justify the shelling of civilian objects in Ukraine.

The air raid alert in Odesa and the region lasted less than half an hour — from 7:49 to 8:15. The Air Force warned of missiles headed for Odesa. Around 8:02, explosions rang out in the city.

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