Digest 21:53 22 Jun 2024

Large-scale attack on Russian banking system and new cars for Ukraine — five leading solutions of the week

Every Saturday, Rubryka offers a short digest of the TOP-5 solutions of the week that bring Ukraine closer to victory:

🤖 The Ukrainian IT army launched a large-scale attack on the Russian banking system, including the infrastructure of the national payment card system — the Mir card operator.

🛰 Ukrainian developers have created an aerial repeater for Echo drones. It is ideal for use in various conditions requiring reliable long-distance communication. This is especially important for tasks where every meter of additional communication can be decisive.

🛟 The new marine drone, Stalker 5.0, was presented in Odesa. In addition to its role as a kamikaze drone, it can be used for surveillance and coastal patrolling. It also has a special compartment for storing water and food to deliver to soldiers in remote areas of the coast.

🇪🇪 Estonia handed over 31 cars for the work of the National Police of Ukraine. 16 Skoda Octavia and 15 Volkswagen Tiguan cars went to work in the border Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions.

🇪🇸 Spain handed Ukraine two more armored ambulances for evacuating the wounded. These two vehicles will be the seventh and eighth armored ambulance cars that the embassy managed to send to Ukraine thanks to the support of Spanish business.


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