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Five Russian drones attack Lviv region, damaging high-rise building and injuring two

Photo: Telegram / Andriy Sadovyi

On the night of June 19, the Russian invaders launched an attack on the Lviv region using five Shahed-type kamikaze drones. The air defense systems in Lviv and the surrounding area successfully destroyed all the attacking drones. Unfortunately, one of the drones struck an apartment building, resulting in injuries to two individuals.

The head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, and Lviv's Mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, reported that.

Initially, the city leader urged everyone to take the danger and the efforts of the air defense forces seriously.

"Everyone stay safe!" he wrote.

In his turn, the head of the regional military administration also informed about enemy UAVs.

Львівщина обстріл

Photo: Telegram / Andriy Sadovyi

"An enemy drone in the vicinity of Lviv. Do not film anything! Do not post anywhere!" the head of the regional military administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, urged.

Before that, he warned about the danger posed to the residents of the Lviv region, specifically in Busk and Lviv.

Later, Sadovyi shared news of a strike in Malekhiv of the Lviv community.

A male security guard aged 70 has been reported to have sustained injuries and is currently in moderate condition. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

In Malekhiv, a multi-story residential building was damaged as a result of the Russian attack; 20 windows were broken.

"The office premises were damaged. The security guard mentioned above was hospitalized here. His condition is moderate. In the private sector, windows were broken in 5 buildings," Sadovyi wrote.

At 5:22 a.m., the mayor of Lviv reported an additional explosion in Malekhiv, where the air defense was also active.

Львівщина обстріл

Photo: Telegram / Andriy Sadovyi

Later, Kozytsky provided further information on the matter. He stated that the soldiers of the Air Defense Forces in the Lviv region successfully destroyed all five Shahed drones that night:

  • four during the 02:32 to 03:35 air alert;
  • and one more during the second alert from 04:27 to 05:24.

Львівщина обстріл

Photo: Telegram / Andriy Sadovyi

"Our air defense soldiers shot down all of them," the head of the regional military administration reported.

Later, Kozytsky reported that two people were injured:

  • 47-year-old,
  • and 70-year-old men.

For reference:

The Air Force initially stated that Russian aggressors had once again launched an attack on Ukrainian territory on the night of June 19 using attack drones of the Shahed type. As a result of this enemy attack, an air alert was declared in multiple regions of Ukraine.

In the morning, the commander of the Air Force of Ukraine's armed forces, Oleshchuk, clarified that the enemy used 21 attack drones in total for this night attack.

As a result of combat work, 19 enemy attack UAVs of the Shahed type were shot down.


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