11:49 19 Jun 2024

United to win: Denmark arms Ukraine with F-16 equipment in new military aid package

Ukraine will receive Denmark's 19th military aid package, which includes additional equipment for F-16 fighters.

The Ministry of Defense of Denmark reports this.

As noted, the package provides support for the Ukrainian defense industry.

"Ukraine still needs significant military support due to the ongoing Russian aggression against the country. In this way, with the latest package of donations, we are providing as much support as possible to meet Ukraine's needs on the battlefield here and now," Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen stressed.

The department also adds that this package provides for the conclusion of several agreements with allies regarding purchases and donations from the defense industry of NATO members, in particular, equipment for the F-16 fighter jets transferred by Denmark.

In addition, the aid package will make it possible to use 160 million euros for military aid to Ukraine. The package is expected to be launched this summer.

For reference:

At the end of March, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, said Ukraine should receive Western F-16 fighter jets according to previously established plans and schedules.

It should be noted that trained F-16 maintenance specialists have already started returning to Ukraine. The Air Force of Ukraine's armed forces officially confirmed this.

It was also reported that the first group of Ukrainian pilots had already completed training on F-16 combat aircraft at the military base in Arizona, United States of America.

The first foreign instructor for operating F-16 fighter jets, which will be soon transferred to partner nations, has already arrived in Ukraine. He is a flight officer from the Greek Air Force.

Moreover, the fighter coalition will transfer a "significant number" of F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine. These aircraft will be equipped with the latest weapons and able to strike behind the front line.

However, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine needs at least 120-130 F-16 fighters to control the sky completely.


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