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Solutions from Ukraine: Lviv unveils map of veteran businesses

The interactive map currently showcases 34 businesses run by veterans or their family members. These include coffee shops, stores, and workshops.

Rubryka provides further information about this initiative.

What is the problem?

About 63% of military men and women want to open their businesses after demobilization. In addition, more than 50% of veterans currently not serving in the Defense Forces of Ukraine would also like to start their businesses.

By supporting a veteran-owned business, you are already doing the least anyone can afford. But how can you identify businesses owned by veterans? The answer to this question can be found below.

What is the solution?

The employees of the Department of Economic Development of the Lviv City Council created the veteran business map. This interactive tool makes it easy to find veteran-owned businesses and learn about their services and products.

How does it work?

Screenshot of the veteran business map created by the Department of Economic Development of the Lviv City Council

On the interactive map, businesses can be filtered by categories:

  • agribusiness,
  • production,
  • leisure,
  • cafes and restaurants,
  • services and trade.

The map also shows contact information, location, and links to the site or social networks.

"The online map displays the different types of businesses our veterans are establishing. This allows you to refer to the map when deciding on which coffee shop, service, or production you would like to support and, in turn, support those who have chosen to fight for independence," Inna Svystun, director of the Department of Economic Development of the LMR, said this, presenting the project.

Inna informed Rubryka that the Lviv City Council has implemented comprehensive business support measures for veterans and their families, including a map of veteran-owned businesses.

"Lviv does a lot for veterans… Our Department is directly involved in various business support programs, among which one of the largest is a voucher program for veterans to open or expand their businesses. Since the middle of last year, we have provided grants to over 80 veterans or their family members for over UAH 22 million from the city budget.

We came up with the idea that it is worth promoting veteran businesses among our citizens, offering to use services and buy goods. And this will also be a powerful support for our veterans. That's why we created a map of veteran businesses in our community," the Department of Economic Development director says.

Why is this important?

A week ago, at the time of the project presentation, 19 businesses were indicated on the map, and today, 34 active companies have already been created by veterans or members of their families. Including:

  • The rehabilitation office "Health Space" was opened by Oksana Zayats, the wife of a veteran. She now provides rehabilitation services to servicemen and community residents with her demobilized husband.

В реабілітаційному кабінеті

In the rehabilitation office, there is "Health Space." Photo: Lviv City Council

  • Garden of Dreams is an agricultural enterprise where veteran Andrii Drobit grows conifers and other plants for landscaping Ukrainian communities.
  • Veteran car service station—here, veteran Stas Lisovyi repairs damaged cars for fellow citizens in addition to providing car repair services for community residents.

Ветеранське СТО

Veteran service station. Photo: Lviv City Council

  • The photo studio of the subject shooting, Spalakh, is one of the few photo studios where you can order product presentation photos. It was opened by veteran Roman Paramushchak.
  • "Coffee for Two" cafe Victoria Tribushna opened in memory of the deceased husband and their love. The institution embodied the unfulfilled dreams of the fallen husband of Victoria, Andrii Muravskyi, who volunteered to defend the country at the beginning of a full-scale war.

Viktoriia Tribushna in the coffee shop "Coffee for two." Photo: Screenshot from the video

  • TM "Stork" — production of embroidered goods by veteran Ihor Luchkiv, who returned from the war and resumed production.
  • TM "FAMILIN" is a sewing factory manufacturing author's blankets. The wife of a veteran, Kateryna Borysova, continued and developed his business while her husband defended our country.

Sewing factory "FAMILIN" Photo: Lviv City Council

"In total, we supported more than 80 veterans who, we hope, will also be present on the map in the future, and not only them, because any veteran of our community can apply for the map using the link posted on the website," Inna Svystun comments.

She also mentions that numerous veteran-owned businesses are intriguing in their own right, and the Department of Economic Development is hopeful for their future success.

"And we, from our side, from the side of the city, are trying in every possible way to create favorable conditions and provide them with financial, advisory, mentoring assistance for the creation and development of their business and the economy of the community in general," says the director of the department.

Inna Svystun herself is happy to use the services of the veteran business. Inna Svystun is near the "Coffee for Two" cafe. Photo from the speaker's archive

"By the way, the map contributes to this—I traveled with my children and stopped by "Coffee for Two", owned by Viktoriia Tribushna, for coffee and macaroons. It's delicious; come and try it!" Inna Svystun recommends.

Even more helpful solutions!

The map created in Lviv is not the only one in Ukraine. Earlier, in October 2023, Uklon, the "Ukrainian Veterans Fund," and "Lun. Misto" also announced the launch of the "Map of Veteran Businesses."

The "Veteran's Way Business" initiative kickstarted the partnership between government institutions and businesses, all coming together to support veterans. This interactive map project aims to showcase the businesses owned by veterans and their families in various regions of Ukraine. Currently, there are around 400 verified veteran-owned businesses featured on the map.

Experienced businesspersons can directly submit their information to be included on the map using the interactive map platform. It can also be accessed through the LUN and Uklon apps or by contacting the Ukrainian Veterans Fund.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the veteran component of the "Own Business" grant program, 500 veterans and family members of combatants have already become winners; in total, they will receive grants worth UAH 220 million.

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