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Solutions to win: apartment raffle in Kyiv raises funds to support Ukrainian army

Rubryka reports on the collection and raffle of "A square meter for a donation," which was set up to supply the Ukrainian military with additional drones.

What is the problem?

Ukrainian defenders require drones, but it's more than just a matter of sending a large number of UAVs to the front. Specialized command centers are essential for the Ukrainian drones to effectively fulfill their purpose. These facilities allow for precise and accurate attack delivery on enemy targets.

What is the solution?

To provide Ukrainian UAV operators with the necessary equipment, LUN and RIEL are raffling off a new two-room apartment in Kyiv for a donation of UAH 200 or more.

All donations will go towards the "Come Back Alive" fund, which will buy mobile control points for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems.

How does it work?

"A square meter for a donation"

квартира за донат Київ

Not just one, but a whopping 76 m²! This is a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor of the newly constructed Ok'Land residential complex, located in the Solomiansk district of the capital.

"The building in which the apartment is located will be rented out in September, and we have checked the developer's construction pace a thousand times. The documents show that the reputation is beyond doubt. The apartment will be without repairs.

But its current market value is UAH 4.6 million. It's true; it's not a wrong opportunity to get it for 200 hryvnias while also doing a good deed," Vitaly Kapustian, the creative director of LUN, says.

One must donate in multiples of UAH 200 to participate in the draw. The more you donate, the more likely you are to win a home:

  • UAH 200 = 1 ticket in the draw
  • UAH 1000 = 5 tickets in the draw
  • UAH 2,000 = 10 tickets in the draw

The collection will be taking place from June 18 to July 18. Monobank bank receipts with the contact information of all donors will be used to determine the winner. LUN will gather them all in a single table and assign a serial number to each donor.

Using the random.org service, a number corresponding to the donation will be selected. The winner will be announced on July 20. The draw will be broadcast live on the LUN YouTube channel.

Donate here.

Please remember to include your full name, last name, and contact phone number in the comments when donating with a non-Monobank card. This will allow the organizers to reach you if you win.

"From the first days of the war, we have been actively involved in aid efforts. We collaborated with the Ministry of Digital to create maps depicting the locations of available fuel, light sources, shelters, and internet providers. In addition, we worked together with the Prytula Charity Fund, donating a portion of our profits. Through our partnership with United24, we embarked on a project focused on reconstruction. We also have numerous small success stories, including supporting a fellow military medical colleague.

I can't recall if I know a colleague who hasn't been collecting independently since the war began. However, we were missing one crucial element—an extensive collection that could support our Armed Forces with hryvnias. We searched for various methods and chances. Thanks to our partner, RIEL, we were able to accomplish this.

We tried to find a cool, big apartment in good condition and a good area. Found! We deliberately set a minimum donation of only UAH 200. This will allow many more people to participate. And we want to raise more money for the "Come Back Alive" Charity Fund," Vitaly Kapustian says.

What will the donations turn into?

квартира за донат Київ

The mobile control points will have universal compatibility with different types of reconnaissance UAVs. These converted pods will allow control over "SHARKS" and "Storks-100," which can carry out reconnaissance, send target information, and adjust artillery fire, HIMARS, and Storm Shadow from their take-off point up to a distance of 60 km.

The cars will be equipped with comfortable work areas, necessary power, communication-organizing equipment, and climate control for external pilots and mechanisms. They will also have designated spaces for transporting UAVs and all the equipment to operate them.

квартира за донат Київ

According to Vitaliy Kapustian, "Come Back Alive" has received requests from brigades where skilled UAV operators are employed. These locations are ideal for targeting highprecision weaponry and provide an added benefit: each point increases the amount of damage inflicted on the enemy.

Even more helpful solutions!

Rubryka asked LUN: Would it possibly be more profitable to sell this property and thereby aid Ukrainian defenders?

"Anyone can just sell it," Vitaliy Kapustian says with a smile. "And you try to triple its worth! So, we aim to reach 15 million UAH. That's why raffles are organized – to increase the amount by several folds. This way, the military receives more aid, and it's fantastic for the person who wins a real apartment – both a good deed and a great reward. And if the winner also shares the fundraiser on social media, it's priceless."

For reference:

It should be noted that the BGV Charity Fund will help 200 families rebuild their households in the Kherson region.

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