12:56 18 Jun 2024

United to win: Italy considers transferring Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine in upcoming aid package

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Italy may transfer long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine in the next military aid package.

The Italian newspaper Fatto Quotidiano reports this.

According to reliable sources familiar with the matter, Defense Minister Guido Crosetto will present the ninth arms package for Ukraine to parliament by the end of the month. This package will include the Samp-T air defense system and a number of powerful Storm Shadow missiles that could reach Russian territory.

Storm Shadow missiles are long-range, stealthy air-to-surface cruise missiles developed jointly by France and Great Britain.

French analogues are called Scalp.

The key features of Storm Shadow missiles:

  • Range: Over 560 kilometers, allowing them to hit targets far beyond enemy air defense.
  • High accuracy: Equipped with a modern TERCOM (Terrain Contour Matching) system and GPS navigation, ensuring high damage accuracy.
  • Low Visibility: Low radar visibility makes them difficult for enemy radars to detect.
  • Flexibility: It can be programmed to attack various targets, including bunkers, air defense systems, and bridges.

Storm Shadow must have sufficient range to strike deep into the temporarily Russian-occupied territory of Ukraine.

The Storm Shadow has been in service with the Royal British Air Force and the French Air Force since 2003.

For reference:

In 2023, Great Britain transferred Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

It was reported that Ukraine's armed forces have already used the long-range Storm Shadow missiles handed over by Great Britain to strike Russian targets.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine refused to comment on this matter.

A Western official told CNN that Great Britain received assurances from the Ukrainian government that these missiles would be used only within the sovereign territory of Ukraine and not for strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

France also handed over Scalp missiles.

The transfer of these missiles to Ukraine significantly strengthened its ability to resist Russian aggression.

The SCALP, or Storm Shadow, are long-range air-to-ground aviation missiles.

France and Great Britain jointly developed them. According to the developers, the missiles can overcome even the most robust air defense systems and have a 450 kg warhead with a range of over 250 km.

It should be noted that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Antonio Tajani, said that his country will provide Ukraine with a new aid package, which will allocate 140 million euros for the restoration of infrastructure.

Specifically, 45 million euros from this package will be allocated to rebuild the Savior and Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa, which was destroyed by Russian shelling. Tajani also stressed that Italy is working on a new military aid package for Ukraine.

As reported, Italy has confirmed the transfer of an additional SAMP/T anti-aircraft missile complex battery. This is the only European-made system capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

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