14:51 18 Jun 2024

Solutions to win: Chernihiv schoolchildren receive international award for AI-based FPV drone detector invention

Two gifted high school students from Chernihiv received international acclaim at INFOMATRIX in Bucharest, where they were awarded first place for their creation of an AI-powered detector capable of identifying FPV drones.

TSN reported this.

What is the problem?

It should be noted that the Ukrainian-Russian has long since turned into a "battle of engineers" coordinate system, into a technological war. While it may be premature to declare the existence of an unmanned aviation industry in Ukraine, it is certainly making great strides in development.

What is the solution?

At the competition, Oleksandr and Makar realized that their invention would be of great importance to the Ukrainian military. They have received many questions about when the detector will be put into production.

школярі Олександр та Макар Дрон

Photo: Screenshot / TSN

The students are planning to send the initial test samples to the frontlines, where Makar's father has been serving and defending Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale war.

How does it work?

The schoolchildren's detector appears as a compact box that conveniently rests in the hand. It can be affixed to a body armor or positioned within a dugout.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the device effectively detects drones in the air, in particular FPV drones. Young inventors tested it on a self-assembled FPV drone.

When the drone's remote control is turned on, the detector's display starts scanning, and the device beeps when a drone is detected.

The boys have created software for the detector that enables:

  • Adjusting the desired range of detection;
  • Designating the specific types of drones to be identified.

The creators aim to enhance the device for increased durability and incorporate military input to optimize its reliability and functionality in combat situations.
For reference:

It should be noted that in Cherkasy, developers are making multi-functional ground drones that can be used to mine the territory, deliver ammunition, and evacuate the wounded.

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