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Solutions to win: newest Ukrainian maritime drone Stalker 5.0 unveiled at Black Sea Security Forum 2024 in Odesa

Photo: Dumska

The newest Ukrainian maritime drone, Stalker 5.0, was presented at the Black Sea Security Forum 2024 in Odesa, an international security forum in the Black Sea region.

The Dumska publication reports this.

The drone is approximately 5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide and has a range of 600 kilometers.

It can also be equipped with a 150-kilogram warhead in the kamikaze configuration.

In addition to the kamikaze function, the Stalker 5.0 can be used as a logistics platform for the delivery of weapons, equipment, and provisions in a special compartment.

Photo: Dumska

The hull has a designated compartment for delivering water, food, military equipment, and other cargo to islands or coastal areas where the Defense Forces are situated.

The drone can also be used for:

  • conducting intelligence operations,
  • patrolling the coastal zone and rivers.

The drone is driven by an outboard gasoline engine with a capacity of 60 horsepower, and it is able to accelerate the Stalker 5.0 to a speed of more than 40 knots (about 75 km/h).

The cruising speed of the surface drone is 30 knots (55 km/h).

Photo: Dumska

Communication is provided using the Starlink satellite system.

According to reports, the price of Stalker 5.0 is approximately 60,000 euros, although it is still unclear if this includes the combat component.

It is important to mention that the primary surface drones used by the Defense Forces of Ukraine include Sea Baby, Magura V5, and Mykola-3. Alongside these, there are also "Mamay" and several other transitional and small-scale models of UAVs being used.

Such drones are one of the deterrent factors of the Russian fleet, they perform a variety of tasks, ranging from reconnaissance to strike operations.

During the short time of their existence, Ukrainian naval drones caused enormous damage to the enemy and sank more than one enemy vessel and ship.

For reference:

During the full-scale war, Ukraine considerably ramped up its production of domestic drones. In particular, it began manufacturing marine drones and established a special fleet.

Not only were Sea Baby naval drones produced in Ukraine, but also Magura V5, which are actively used by fighters of Ukraine's intelligence.

According to Dekhtiarenko, spokesperson of Ukraine's Security Service, these drones have already hit 11 Russian ships:

On December 26, 2023, the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked the large amphibious ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation "Novocherkask" in the Feodosia region.

Also, on the night of February 1, Ukrainian scouts destroyed the missile boat "Ivanovets" of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Its value is approximately 60-70 million dollars.

Also, with Sea Baby's help, Ukraine's Security Service damaged the Crimean Bridge, "which cannot be destroyed." And together with him, the self-confidence of the Russians was finally buried.

In addition to the Security Service, the Main Directorate of Intelligence also uses naval drones against the Russians. Ukraine's intelligence has its own drone – Magura.

As reported, the Russian military industry is trying to close the gap with Ukraine in developing surface maritime attack drones.

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